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How often do you come across a " Ralph Nader " moment ? Well i am not having one of those , since i haven't got my hands on the product ! Essentially the whole thing boils down to the fact that i am dealing with people who either cannot be bothered about their product , or are too busy to concentrate when there is no cash in hand ?

Seeing a report on a Cycling Safety Facebook page in December of a " DUAL View Helmet Camera " , i sent several emails pointing out my Blogs , Facebook , Twitter & LinkedIN accounts as a way to introduce myself and as an inducement to encourage the " loan " of a unit . I specified a variety of Events that i would be attending , starting with the Kitzbuhel Ski Races in late January 2014 . Those that follow my activities will have seen that i met the Austrian President there , amongst the many Celebrities that i don't normally encounter . Not sure what Felix B. & David C. would have thought of me wearing a Helmet Camera , But Franz Klammer & Luc Alphond have endured my interviewing techniques with a Video Camera .

Winter in Austria is normally fraught with wet and slushy roads , there are plenty of difficult moments where a record of the " Close encounters of the wrong type " , are not enjoyed . This year the roads have been dry and sunny , thus in 10 weeks or so i have ridden close to 5000 km . Even today turned out somewhat different , in as much as i had about 50km by mid morning , then encountered a middle aged rider , heading the other way , which set me off on another 3hr ride . Having left him at Kufstein Hospital which was his destination , i headed over the border into Germany before starting back for the Inntal .

Once again 20km from home there was a fast mover heading towards me , so that occasioned a diversion . He was heading off at a tangent from my direct homeward route , into an area that i usually pass through at the start of a ride , Mariastein . The first few kilometres past in conversation , but when we neared an industrial area , i dropped back to let traffic pass . At the entrance to Mariastein , there is a sharp climb that requires dropping to the 42 ring , but on this occasion the chain fell betwixt , thus all momentum was lost as i had to scramble the chain back to the 55 and by that time i was 150M behind with a fair amount of climbing ahead . The next 10km through several climbs , i managed to retrieve most of the 500M deficit that had accrued , but as it was getting onto 4+hrs in the saddle , when we were into the outskirts of Woergl , i decided that the Wilchenau climb he was heading for , was a climb too far , thus headed home .

Not used a Computer or Polar strap for several years now , so i don't keep a complete record of my daily efforts , so when i claim 150km for a day that others will record as 165+ km , i could care less . It would be remiss to not say that the scenery on a sunny day is breath taking , certainly worthy of filming . As to traffic irritation , it was one of those days where being principally on farm roads , i did not have more than a handful of dolts with their klaxon to contend with .

During the past several months i have had too many occasions of " Expressed Doubt " when i have taken complaints of BAD Driving behaviours to the Polizei . Had i had a visual record of the events unfolding there would have been a more " sympathetic hearing " of the prevailing circumstances . Only when the people admit to their wrongdoing with the Polizei interviewing , do i get any consideration of a hearing .

Moving down the road at 40+kph , events happen quickly . It is necessary to be able to record what happens as the offender arrives , as well as their behaviour in passing . Not good enough to say that you saw them shuffling papers , texting , phoning , shouting at you through open window as they pass by millimetres then swerve into the kerb , to get out of the way of on coming traffic , or avoid hitting the mid road kerb that restricts the approach to a roundabout or junction . They know they are breaking the Law / Road Code , but they are bigger and enclosed in a metal container , and your Lycra clothes are unlikely to damage their shiny paint work ?  Slapping the window only antagonises , even though this proves they are within a 1/2M of you and the Law requires 1 1/2M . For them , YOU are the problem ! YOU are the inconveniencre ! YOU are unimportant because YOU are not in a Vehicle !

WELL YOU CHUMPS , i left my CAR at home because I WANT Exercise ! Unlike you , i am not a couch potato with an ever expanding waist line ! At 68yo , i wish to continue riding a bike for another 20 years , whilst Herr fahrsheiner struggles in and out of his matchbox !

As promised here are the emails of the Helmet camera supplier that think that addressingg a man as " mrs ", displays business acumen :

  "  Oregon Scientific

Oregon Scientific <>

To:   "" <>

Subject:   Ticket "2014021710003211" created!

Date:   Mon 02/17/14 07:37 AM

Dear Mrs. Skippy,

Thank you for contacting us.

We’ve checked your work and the interest you put regarding the safety of the cyclists on the road and we want to inform you that even though the ATCGecko can be linked to a handlebar it may not give you the results you need.

For your kind of needs we recommend you the ATC_WH:

This kind of product can be linked to a handlebar, your helmet or a board, if it’s the case. This has a dual lens system which gives you the opportunity to film from different angles.

 Should you need further assistance, please do not hesitate to contact us again.

Best regards
Oregon Scientific UK
Customer Service

Well they CLAIM to have read my Blogs !   Wonder how many WOMEN wear a Men's beard ?

My reply :

 " YOUR Reply displays a Lack of INTEREST !

Since when has a photo of a MAN , resulted in them being addressed as " Mrs "?

LYING to a person that works for " Physically Challenged Sport " , AFTER , they ask YOUR HELP DESERVES the publicity NOW ABOUT TO BE GIVEN !

Your CEO / MD can write today , OR , i promise that LINKEDIN , Facebook & TWITTER , will help me show YOU , that my request for use of a Current Model at Upcoming Events , was a WORTHWHILE INVESTMENT !

Skippy  ( MR not Mrs ) !

Their reply , somewhat quicker than to their non existant earlier email replies to the initial emails i had sent :

Oregon Scientific <>

To:   "" <>

Subject:   Ticket "2014030710000964" created!

Date:   Fri 03/07/14 06:18 AM

Name Type Save View
Part 1   text/plain Save
Part 2   text/html Save
Dear Mr. Mc Carthy,

We would like to apologize for the mixup. Please take into consideration that our sole purpose and main focus is to assist our customers and potential customers in obtaining the information that they needed, therefore we did not get around to checking out the about me section on your blog to see the photo that you have mentioned.

At no point were we lying about having checked your work. By saying the phrase we “checked your work”, we never insisted that we thoroughly checked out the entirety of your site page by page and word for word or to analyze who you were as a person (gender/race/age/etc) as this places absolutely no importance in the deciding factors when choosing to do business or to collaborate with a person. We checked out the site to see what your blog was about and how we could be of assistance.

As stated in our previous email, please follow our recommendation for the requirements that you are interested in as they pose better accessibility and purpose for the needs you have requested.

Apologies for the mixup once again and we hope you will continue to find great interest in our products.

 Should you need further assistance, please do not hesitate to contact us again.

Best regards
Oregon Scientific UK
Customer Service
Tel - 0871 222 1966
@ -

GUESS i am removed from their consideration for testing equipment !

My request to deal with the CEO/MD , appears to be a non starter also !

More will follow , but the Para Games Opening Ceremony is more important than this .

Thursday, January 2, 2014


SKY TV are already reporting ( hourly ), the " Profitability " that will
come ther way
of the Yorkshire Traders as a result of the Grand Depart of Le Tour from Leeds at the end of June 2014 . Banks are making Money available to those that will be Feeding and housing the anticipated 1 1/2 Million expected to line the routes that the Pro Racers will travel over during the 3 days of Racing in ENGLAND!

In awarding the 101st Le Tour to the Syndicate preparing the "Grand Depart " , a Contract was signed defining WHAT could be done in association with " Amaury Sports Org. rules & reg.s " ! These R & R would be closely scrutinised to see that ASO does not miss any Profit Potential !

Media has already reported that the Syndicate has tried to recoup monies from a variety of Sources to cover expenses such as " Policing ( ) & Public Utilities "! Wonder if there is any " Profit Element " to be gained from the Elementary School Lessons ? Gary Verity has been broadcast repeatedly stating that Banks are "Relaxing Lending " as well as Hyping Up other " benefits " to Yorkshire !

When i met him behind the Finish Zone in Paris at the conclusion of the 2012 Le Tour , he was keen to do all to see that the " Yorkshire Bid " was a success ! When i met him in Nice the day before the TTT of the 2013 Le Tour he was still promising that ALL we discussed was on track . In the many conversations that we had, it was uppermost in my mind , that FINALLY the PARA Community would be treated as EQUALS ! I have not seen the program of Events in Leeds on the day of the 1st Etappe , so cannot comment on whether he has been allowed to follow through ? AND YES Gary , i still want to see the Champion Para Cyclists of Europe INVITED to race the Route , whether they choose to ride , will be THEIR Decision , but how could @TTChamp ( Colin Lynch ) refuse , since he lives nearby ?

Chris Prudhomme was with France TV when we first met . He milked me for ideas about how i managed to ride the Le Tour daily in advance of the Etappe . He made " promises 2 that he wouldd do ALL HE COULD for " Paras Sport " when he became " THE MAN "! Well i have seen 2 Para Racers allowed on the ITT Course , The French National Time Trial Champion , lawrence Thioronet and the Czech European Time Trial Champion . The Czech was ALL " atwitter " before the day , not seen ANYTHING since , about HIS ride !

Both GARY & CHRIS , could if they wish , make the 101st " Le Tour ",   MEMORABLE !

ALL they need to do is PROPOSE to European Governments that CYCLING  an endangered activity be safeguarded by a change of MOTORISTS ATTITUDES !  Daily , being bullied by Vehicle drivers , is not the way NEWCOMERS to Cycling , want to lead their Life ! Politicians rarely consider the DANGERS that are posed by METAL Coffins on wheels , to those in street clothes OR EVEN Lycra , as they negotiate the Road hazards on the way to Work , Shops , Sport or other activities , on a VEHICLE  that has 2 points of contact with the road of about the size of " Postage Stamps "!  Policing Authorities file the blank " Incident/accident forms " in their " SELF SUICIDE drawer ? Great Attitude by those drawing salary for "Protecting and Serving their community " ?

WELL GUYS , here is SOME of the Ideas that YOU can put into effect :

Motoring Rules needing ATTENTION

1/   1M pass at under 30kph

2/   1 1/2M pass at higher speeds

3/   NO PASS of Cyclists in SChool Zones , on or under Bridges

4/   NO Pass of Cyclists within 100M of Road Junction ( doubt it is legal for vehicle to pass vehicle in these circumstances ?)

5/   No PASS by/of ONCOMING Vehicle when Cycle is on OTHER LANE OF ROAD

6/   SIGNALLING of Passing Manouvre and return to lane

7/   Use of Hazard lights to indicate following a Cyclist when requried to slow due to traffic

8/   ALL Large Vehicles to display a Decal depicting " Safe Pass Message "! Even larger 4 x 4 Chelsea Tractors & Tinted windowed vehicles

9/   Allow Under 16yo to ride Footpaths & Over 60yo at upto 15kph , particularly  when accompanied .

10/  Requirement for Police Officers under 35yo , to do Cycling Duties , as Plain Clothes Officers , 5 shifts each month .

11/  Advance Zone at Traffic Lights

12/  Treating Red Light as GIVE WAY on a Left hand Turn at under 20kph

13/  Acceptence of Video Camera evidence for Court proceedings

14/  Introduction of a Federal Vehicular Manslaughter Law , as in Italian Road Code

15/  Should be a prohibition of the use of the Vehicle horn at the rear of a Cyclist ( friends would tap AFter passing ?)

Used these ideas in reply to @amygillettfdn &

Hopefully James will WAKE UP the P.M. tony Abbott , he doesn't reply to any contact , let alone Cycling matters ! Show pony ?

Le Tour  has a BOOK , " Livre de Route " ! In 2012 on page 7 there were RULES ( Bonne Conduit ) ! In 2013 there were a few changes , BUT , even though i wrote Chris in 2012 , there was no introduction of a "Driving Test " for ALL Acreditated Personnel ! Few seeing on the Television , a France TV Guest Van , run the Race Leaders off the Road in 2012 , would dispute the NEED for Drivers to be TESTED ? Flecha and Boogerlands being Profis had the courage to finish the Race in Paris , but WITHOUT fighting out that day's finish !

THIS YEAR A.S.O. can trumpet the ABOVE Initiatives to a WORLDWIDE Audience !  There are elements of Authority persuing SOME of the above , BUT ; WHY NOT help the Cycling Community ?

Lives could be saved ! Cyclists could be able to leave HOME with the Certainty of returning from their journey ? Even MORE people could be encouraged to use the Cycle to fulfill POLITICIANS' Desires to see Cycling " Reduce Pollution and Traffic , Improve Health and other Initiatives "!

Perhaps YOU may even choose to create an answer to this request :

WHO KNOWS , the 101st Le Tour , might even make EVERYONE happy !

Addition 3rd Jan 2014 :

Those of you that follow my Tweets will know that i have been " rubbishing " SKYNews " for their " Self promo Ads " at 1620gmt which included references to the " Widow of the 7/7 bomber "! Even if they had nothing else , WHY would you give " terrorists " a platform/time of day ?  Seems that after including David Cameron in a couple of tweets , those "self promo ads " have been set aside , hopefully for EVER ! On New Years Day , SKY TV , aired a segment that included the " Gary Verity speaking about Le Tour " , as mentioned above ! Each day since at 1620GMT , just before the sport segment , i always try to watch , they NOW include a repeat of his musings on the benefit that Le Tour will bring to Yorkshire . He is particularly pleased with himself , in that Le Tour is encouraging the BANKS , to loosen the " Lending/Loan Strings ", thus allowing Small Business to invest in the Hospitality Trade in preparation for the event and the ongoing further Tourism that will be anticipated .

Further to this are the following initiatives in Cambridge and Oxford :

Monday, December 9, 2013

15 yo on SAFE CYCLING !

COPIED in full from the article !

SAYs it so much better than i can !

Drivers, give teen bike riders like me a break

By Luke Allingham December 8, 2013 6:48PM

His Website :

Dear Automobile Drivers,

I am a 15-year-old cyclist, and though I have become more experienced on my bike over the past few years, I still feel very uncomfortable when I ride on the busier traffic-filled streets of Chicago.

It’s not the potholes or confined spaces that make me uncomfortable; it’s that I don’t trust the drivers who surround me in vehicles that weigh up to several thousand pounds. I dream of changing this. I want to see the cycling community reach a day when we don’t read about multiple riders dying each week.

Whenever the problem of cyclist safety is discussed, there usually is a backlash from drivers who blame the cyclists. News reporters and government authorities, such as the police, don’t help the situation. Reporters often conclude the cyclist was at fault. Police and prosecutors, especially in the United States, often make the problem worse by failing to file charges against the driver.

I admit that not all cyclists follow the traffic laws, failing for example to obey red lights and stop signs. I also know that some cyclists who have been hit by cars caused or played a part in the collision. But there has to be shared accountability. In 2011 in the United States, 667 cyclists died in collisions with automobiles. There is plenty of misjudgment on both sides.

Without placing all blame on drivers, I still would argue that all too often you are the ones seriously endangering the lives of cyclists. Whether it’s a simple “accident” where you’re not paying close enough attention, intentionally hitting us, yelling at us or threatening us, you’re endangering us.

You cannot believe that a driver would intentionally hit a cyclist? It happens more often than you think. In May, a cyclist was killed by an automobile in downtown Los Angeles; authorities later declared that the crash was intentional. In Norfolk, England, a driver, Emma Way, hit a cyclist, Toby Hockley, with her car, and then took to Twitter to boast that she’d knocked a cyclist off his bicycle. She wrote: “Definitely knocked a cyclist off his bike earlier. I have the right of way — he doesn’t even pay road tax!” She later was convicted of a crime. Though hard to believe, some drivers do purposely attempt to hit cyclists.

Unfortunately, it doesn’t stop there. Though not well-known to the general public, there is a community I label “bike haters.” They spew hate and make threats toward cyclists on various social media sites, especially Twitter, which is popular among cyclists. The posts range from simple comments such as “I hate cyclists on the road” to the posting of video of specific cyclists and criticizing them. Get that bike off the road and on to the sidewalk, they often warn, or they’ll hit you. I wonder how many people are aware that it’s illegal in most cities and states to ride bicycles on sidewalks past a specific age. In Chicago, the age limit is 12.

There is an increased awareness that cyclists are being verbally attacked, thanks in part to cyclists who record their rides with GoPro cameras. In the last month, I’ve seen two different videos in which a citizen verbally harassed a cyclist — simply for being on a bike.

You may wonder — I hope you will wonder — how you can help. First and foremost, of course, never intentionally hit a cyclist, and if you do hit one, don’t flee the scene. Second, keep calm if a cyclist aggravates you. Everyone on the planet makes mistakes. Third, if you see a driver or citizen harassing a cyclist, attempt to break up the confrontation so it doesn’t escalate. Fourth, follow the laws of your city and state when driving near a cyclist. If there is a law requiring three feet of clearance when passing a cyclist, give us the three feet (the more room we have, the better). Lastly, please help spread awareness of this problem. Remind your family, friends and co-workers that cyclists are human beings, too, who usually want to live life safely.

We can make our roads safer. We shouldn’t have to read stories every week about another cyclist being killed.

Luke Allingham is a sophomore at Amundsen High School and lives in Chicago’s Lincoln Square neighborhood."

This young fellow has been Tweeting and interviewing many of the current crop of Cycling Stars . Wonder if he will support this initiative :

23 days and 8 have signed ! Penalties apply to those who join ? NO !

When Luke wonders why Cyclists suffer , he has to look NO FURTHER !

Wednesday, November 6, 2013

THE NEW OMERTA ! Can UCI deal with it ?

SWAMPED by controversy caused by ineffectual leadership until the September Congress in Firenze , UCI may now find itself on shifting sands once again ?  Defeating Mc Quaid , may have been the easiest part of Brian Cookson's take over of the UCI Presidency ?

In order to retain control of the UCI , mc quaid had to " Win friends and influence people "! Was part of this effort , so many " Quid pro Quos "? Where in the UCI Aigle office , did he deposit ALL those Le Tour Sanctions that were created by about 200 Pro World Racers that were seeking " Fame and Glory " at the 100th Le Tour ?

THEY DIDN'T DOPE ? They didn't race SKY Team , to stop them WINNING the 100th Le Tour ?

Do " pigs fly " ? Were there " Anti Doping Inspectors " at Le Tour ? I met a bunch of them at the Argos -Shimano Team Hotel , as they arrived , breakfast time , on the Saturday of the 1st Etappe ! They even offered to test me , as they climbed out of the Le Tour Vehicles . I even told them who would win that day , having said as much to the Mechanics of the team , whilst topping off my wheels from their compressor .

Maybe it was bravado that caused me to name Kittel , but Thor will tell you i told him on the last Sunday at an earlier Dauphine Libere that i expected him to win that etappe and Millar will also tell you the same story of another occasion  , as will Oscar & Phillippe of others . Guess the funniest prediction was me trying to educate Horner , in how to say " Aider HandiSport " , when he arrived on the Podium of that Tour de Suisse Etappe , that night ? Not having met him before , but knowing his reputation , i had fluked that one ?

Whilst the Dutch conducted an investigation of the Rabobank Team earlier this year , Micheal Rasmussen was writing his recently revealed book . No doubt he would have tipped off a few of his previous team colleagues as a matter of courtesy ? Whilst UCI was having the new regimes " Extraordinary Management Meeting " , Razzie was letting the press know the contents of his book . Several of the 2007 Tour de France  Rabobank Team took issue with his " 100% Team PED Usuage declaration " , Oscar Freire threatening Legal action , was one result .

But then controversy sells BOOKS ! Doesn't it ?

Out of the wings popped Ryder Hesjedal , winner of the 2012 Giro d'Italia for Garmin , he went on to be the Canadian Athlete of that year ! Seems that he agreed to the facts revealed by " Razzie " , of his learning to " Dope " in 2003 !  Of course he regetted that course of action , decided that it was not for him . It is rumoured that he sat down with USADA and the Canadian ADA Authorities , towards the end of 2012 , and discussed / revealed his personal situation .

Reports confirm that he did not race for a substantial period , in fact i met him at the 2013 Giro d'Italia in Tarvisio , where he was no longer in contention for this year's podium . Seems that lack of racing time was a factor , in the lack of ability to contest that year ? Was this a period that he was excluded , as were other Garmin Racers ,who were unable to race in the US Team as they received a 6 month suspension , for owning up to their " Doping antics " , with Lance Armstrong Teams in past years ?

Lance Armstrong has even joined the media circus in the past few days :

So far all that has appeared is pure vanilla . Lance keeps teasing the story that is being offered , with assersions that " more facts will be offered to WADA /UCI / Truth & Reconciliation "! So let's hope the next instalments don't put us to sleep ? Guessing that Benson of Cycling News , wants to create a " scoop " , which was Oprah's hope , when she had Lance on the January TV show ?

So far as most people/anyone can see ,  Lance appears to be the ONLY Racer who has suffered any serious consequences for their " Doping Career "!


With the USADA Reasoned Decision , SKY Team decided to enforce their " No Tolerance Policy " , by quickly requiring relevation of ALL personnel's previous Career PED exposure . Net result was the departure of Racers and Support Staff by the end of the 2012 Season . Who can be sure of the " Personal Reasons " , that prompted so many well known people to depart for " pastures new "? Retirements and new teams were the result for many . Rumour and innuendo followed .

In other teams , there were departures , one well known GT Leader , levi Leipheimer , appears to have left the Pro World Race Team scene , unwillingly , since no other Team has offered him a place in the 2013 season . Seems that even though he won the Vuelta , Chris Horner , may suffer the same fate , although there is conjecture that he is demanding TOO High a salary for the 2014 Season ?

So with these results for COMING FORWARD , does anyone dispute the possibility that there are MANY Racers , with cupboards full of " rattling bones ", unwilling to trust that their relevations of giving up " PED Use " in 2003 , will leave their Cycling Career intact ?

Last year we saw the UCI score an OWN Goal , when they announced in November , some of the Pro World Teams that would be in the 2014 Season ! Those elected then included Katousha , but later that Team was removed , then reinstated after a visit to CAS ! This past week , we see a repeat of that process, and various other Teams required to present more information to satisfy the Authorities appointed to vet their credentials .

In OTHER Posts , i have stated that my view is that , this is TOO Late in the season to be conducting these procedures !   Fact is it is telling SPONSORS , that Teams are " living Hand to Mouth ", not like they behave , with their 5 and 10 year Plans and Budgets ! WHAT a way to run a business ?

Hurray , we are " Pro world Team "! Right NOW , order the kit ! Call the Racers , tell them which Races they will ride next season ! Ring the Leasing Companies , tell them we need THAT Equipment , tell the Sponsors they can Advertise the fact we are " Pro World Status "! What did i miss ?

IT IS NOT EASY RUNNING A PRO WORLD TEAM , on a dime's notice !

COME ON UCI , get it together !

Oh , by the way , YOU STILL have to decide the Pro Continental Teams , AND , they have to order KIT, Equipment , Advertising , etc !

Then you have to let the OTHERS , those that did not get the NOD , that they are staying in " Conti Status ", thus FINALLY knowing what to put on THEIR KIT , Equipment , etc !

Will we be in the same place next year Anto ? See the tweets !

  1. Still half the World Tour teams must wait until December to know what they're doing in January, which UCI logo to put on their kit etc
  1. it does feel like we've lost a year here

UCI has a lot of ground to cover in Mens Road Racing , so it will come as no surprise that Womens Racing Status , promised last week , after the Management meeting , is still in the pipe line !

However Para Cycling has a place ALSO ! These Athletes were absorbed by the UCI in Hein Verbruggen's day ! I recall him telling me in his Geneva West Office , about those plans . Those plans took Para Cycling from the Para Body , into UCI control in the early 2000s .

 It appears that Colin has GOOD reason for concerns and thus his open letter here :

 " Life wasn't meant to be easy ", a well known phrase ,  i recall that Malcolm Fraser remark , from my early days , but IF UCI has such a thin " Track program " planned for the next years , then the 2016 Paralympic Track Events will be a DISASTER !

Those in doubt about Colin's hard graft should read his blog " "!