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2016 Tour De France

Recently , the " ASO " , owners of this " Grand Tour Racing Event " , advised the route of their  2016 Edition
of " Le Tour ", that will commence in Normandy at Mont Saint Michel , with the Grand Depart on the 2nd July 2016 .

This year the race will start with an Etappe of 188km , that will finish at Utah Beach .  In addition the route will continue down the west side of France , as was the case during the previous year, after the Grand Depart from Utrecht .  Usually there is an Easterly route  as an alternative to the previous year on the westerly route .

Listed below are the 2016 route details :

Tour de France 2016:

Stage 1, Saturday July 2: Mont Saint Michel to Utah Beach ? Sainte Marie du Mont,     188km

Stage 2, Sunday July 3: Saint L? to Cherbourg-Octeville,                                                 182km

Stage 3, Monday July 4: Grandville to Angers,                                                                  222km

Stage 4, Tuesday July 5: Saumur to Limoges,                                                                    232km

Stage 5, Wednesday July 6: Limoges to Le Lioran,                   (hilly stage)                      216km

Stage 6, Thursday July 7: Arpajon-sur-C?re to Montauban,                                               187km

Stage 7, Friday July 8: L?Isle-Jourdain to Lac de Payolle,                                                  162km
(mountain stage)
Stage 8, Saturday July 9: Pau to Bagn?res-de-Luchon,             (mountain stage)                183km

Stage 9, Sunday July 10: Vielha Val d?Aran (Spain) to Arcalis (Andorra),                        184km
                                                                                                     (mountain stage )

Rest day 1: Monday July 11, Andorra

Stage 10, Tuesday July 12: Escaldes-Engordany to Revel,        ( mountain stage )              198km

Stage 11, Wednesday July 13: Carcassonne to Montpelier,                                                  164km

Stage 12, Thursday July 14: Montpellier to Mont Ventoux ,       (mountain stage)               185km      
Stage 13, Friday July 15: Bourg Saint And?ol to La Caverne du Pont d?Arc,                         37km
                                                                                                      (individual time trial)
Stage 14, Saturday July 16: Mont?limar to Villars-les-Dombes,                                            208km

Stage 15, Sunday July 17: Bourg-en-Bresse to Culoz,                                                            159km

Stage 16, Monday July 18: Moirans-en-Montagne to Bern (Switzerland),                             206km

Rest day 2: Tuesday July 19: Bern, Switzerland

Stage 17, Wednesday July 20: Bern to Finhaut-Emosson (Switzerland),                                184km
                                                                                                        (mountain stage)
Stage 18, Thursday July 21: Sallanches to Megeve,                                                                   17km                                                                                                         (individual time trial)
Stage 19, Friday July 22: Albertville to Saint-Gervais-Mont Blanc,                                        146km
                                                                                                        (mountain stage)
Stage 20, Saturday July 23: Megeve to Morzine,                           (mountain stage)                146km

Stage 21, Sunday July 24: Chantilly to Paris Champs-Elysees,                                                113km

Originally the 2017 Grand Depart was scheduled to begin in London . However the following graphic will give you a glimpse of what it costs to create that Event :

Anyone can see that those projected costs for a London Grand Depart , were worrisome and so it would be a BIG Leap of faith , when ASO comes calling , seeking the BIG MONEY that they are want to demand to allow their Circus to descend on the local population , many of whom have no interest in Sport , let alone Cycle Racing .

Aside from these projected  expenses are ALL the costs of the " Sponsors " and Cycle Race Teams . London is an expensive City to stay in , thus there would have been a good chance that the Hospitality Trade would have welcomed the additional boost to their business .  Not hosting " Le Tour " would not be a big loss in Central London , since it is a popular year round destination for the Tourism Industry .

Monday, November 3, 2014


Most of Chris Boardman's Racing was without a HELMET !  It is only in recent years that UCI have
required ALL Racers to wear Helmets and with GOOD Reason !

Because Chris was a wearer of the " Maillot Jeune " , i have brought the matter to this Blog . Today , Chris was on BBC Breakfast TV , riding in normal clothes , without a Helmet . His Companion was in Yellow and wearing a Helmet . Seems a few of the commenters on " Road.CC 2 saw him riding along tthe road .

Because of the Social Media interaction , Chris went to the effort , of formulating a response which can be found here :

Regardless of what he says or does , i will continue to wear a Helmet . Fortunately for me , each time i have broken a helmet , i have done little damage to my face or head . Some crashes have been due to external factors such as a TFL Bus Driver trying to kill me with 15+ Tonnes of metal . Other occasions have been when i have had a blowout on a mountain road in the Alps or Pyrennes . Whatever reason that the helmet hit the ground , i have walked away without Concussion , let alone an open wound .

Saturday in the Tirol was a Quiet day on the road , since it was a Catholic Church Holy Day , yet i still found a mongrel that thought Bikes should not be on the road . Ignoring the eastbound white station wagon , this numbskull drove his Hyundai 4x4 across onto the westbound 2 1/2M wide lane , already occupied by myself , as i was driving the bike west at 30+kph . His bonnet was only cetimetres from my knee as i went from about a metre on the road , onto the gravel/grass side margin , when i re entered the road surface , he pulled alongside with the window down , spouting some German Dialect version of his POV . Told to quit or arrive at the Polizei , he drove forward then slammed on the brakes whilst moving right to occupy my line of travel... Having come across peanut brains like him before , i rode left , but stayed out of the impact zone . He continued this idiotic behaviour for about 300Metres , but sped off as more vehicles came along to observe his behaviour .

Having driven off west , i turned and returned to the Kramsach Polizei where i eventually got a Young Lady Inspector , telling me that i should sell my Bikes , as it would be safer to walk !   Obviously she does not read Casualty Statistics , which show CYCLING is SAFER than walking ?  Why would i give up Cycling because she and her Colleagues , could care less about THUGS using Vehicles to KILL & MAIM Cyclists?

Monday, October 6, 2014

TRAFFIC VIOLENCE ( oh YOU thought it was an Accident ?)

Rear ended by 15 + tonnes of Metal tends to change your point of view , about riding a bike on a MARKED CYCLE LANE , in Central london ! The 2nd May Traffic Violence visited on me , as i rode west along Wadsworth Road , heading for Oxon and then Manchester Area , has resulted in TFL admitting LIABILITY !

Had i been driving a car at that time , it would have been repaired by now !  As a 2nd class Citizen , that is a VULNERABLE ROAD USER , i am still awaiting better than the offer of CASH TOWARDS the purchase of replacement garments !  The thugs that work for TFL , have decided that i need to offer receipts , for the PURCHASE of the Garments and DESTROYED/Damaged Equipment !  Seems that the photos i took of the garments after i peeled them off myself , were not good enough ?  Had the Mobile Police Unit Van been carrying a camera , and photoed me sitting on the pavement , even a 2yo child would have concluded that these were the same items !

Having started in Austria on the Monday of that week and ridden in Italy , Switzerland , France and then the UK , those items would have been used more than once . Since in 17 seasons of riding the routes of the ProWorld Tours , i carry only one change of Cycling Suit , it would be fairly clear to even the simple minded , that the Cycling Suit would start out in GOOD REPAIR !  So why do we have these MENTAL RETARDS telling me that they cannot replace the items ?  THEY ARE TOTALLY BEREFT OF HUMANITY !

CHEAPSKATES that they are , they treat Cyclists as if they are the destitute seeking a handout !

Leon Daniels of TFL emailed me to seek details that i had already disclosed on Social Media Sites , guess he wanted his own copy of what i had relayed elsewhere . Since then the Lawyers that i had the misfortune to contact have asked me NOT TO CONTACT him any further !  Had they been working for me , as they are supposed to be , then they would have produced results by now ?  Cosying up to the " enemy " , guess they have many more cases involving TFL , does not sit well with me . Take the cash , is their request !

Since ALL my Garments were " Donated/sponsored " , TFL are NOT getting receipts !  THEY have been advised of the Sponsors donating , so THEY can get on the EMAIL and get the details required to resolve the replacement issue !  The same applies to the Equipment , apart from the camera , for which i doubt i can locate the purchase document ?

So many shops display " Break it , YOU pay for It "!  Seems TFL can destroy ANYTHING , then siddle up and whisper in your ear , " We'll give you 10c on the $ "  , and the VICTIM will roll over and let them pick their pocket ?   WHAT A CROCK of SH#te !

The same weekend that i suffered , a couple of blokes set out from the Manchester Area on a Charity Ride for " Help4Heroes " !  They only made it to south of London before being Hospitalised with severe trauma injuries . Had i arrived in Manchester Area on the Saturday morning , i may well have joined the Seamons Group that rode a part of the way to see them off ?  As it was , i was virtually immobile from the trauma to my left hand side due to being tossed aside like a rag doll by a vehicle in the charge of someone that was given a day off as a reward for " Driving the vehicle "!

Those Guys , were also advised that their perp. , was rewarded with a day off for his inability to control the vehicle left in his charge !  Seems that unless you are DEAD , the Met. Police feel that a "day off "is a suitable way to deal with injured Cyclists !  Surely a " driver Improvement Course " comes BEFORE you take to the roads with a licence to drive anything bigger than a car ?  With Unions being as beligerent as they are , it is likely that each of these drivers , were PAID for the day off , as they were on an Educational Course!


Victims SUFFER !


Justice is supposed to be BLIND !


This was my email to the " Case Manager " at Met. Police who THINKS he is doing GOOD !

  Copied this email  to this site : , when replying to a comment therein :

  "  Segregation can be the ONLY answer , when TFL D/deck buses are allowed/encouraged to RAM Cyclists that happen to be on Marked Cycle Lanes in front of them ! Fany a day off Mr F#ckwit TFL Driver ? Just ram a Cyclist , then you get a " Paid Day Off " on a " Driver Improvement Course" , courtesy of your friendly PC Plod ! He rides a bike to work and rest assured if HE gets Rammed , the TFL D/deck driver will have MORE to answer for that negligence ! Cyclists are treated as 2nd class Citizens , just as are those with a darker skin ? Cyclists are treated as 2nd Class Citizens , just as those with the need for the Soup Kitchen ? This Cyclist was treated just as SHABBILY as the 2 Manchester Riders , who set out for Rome in support of " Help4Heroes "! The Traffic Violence Perps. were rewarded with a paid day off , to attend a " Driver Improvement Course "! As the victims , theManchester Men got plenty of enforced Bed Rest , i still suffer the inconvenience and discomfort of the elbow injury !
My letter in response to the Met. police advising me that the Traffic Violence TERRORIST passed his " Q & A course " recently ......................................................................................................................

." Totally ignoring my previous Email , means that i have NO REGRETS about advising the world about YOUR abismal efforts on my behalf ! That YOU failed to show even the courtesy of inquiring after my HEALTH , demonstrates that you are worthy of the title " Mr jobsworth "!!

Together with the TFL Personnel that i have had occasion to deal with , i regard you as little better than the dross at the bottom of the barrel !

I am not alone in being treated to this cavalier attitude , since i saw that 2 Manchester Area Men , were treated to the same disregard , when skittled by a trucker , whilst riding from Manchester to Rome , in support of the " Help4Heroes Charity " !

When you find yourself mown down by 15 tonnes of metal , forgive me if i hope it is by someone that your organisation , gave a " Day Off " , to revise " Skills " required BEFORE being allowed to turn on the ignition of the vehicle that they had become licenced to drive !

That both the attending Inspector and Sargeant , that attended my "TRAFFIC VIOLENCE Incident ", they Cycle to work , took the time to see that my Incident was properly documented to ensure a SUCCESSFUL PROSECUTION , and YOU and YOUR colleagues have SNUBBED their efforts , speak volumes for the current " Sweep under the carpet " attitude that prevails towards Victims of TFL Traffic Violence !

The Met. Police have an " Anti Terrorism Unit " to safeguard the Citizens of London , who would be better employed dealing with those that TERRORISE CYCLISTS !

When 9 Cyclists were KILLED in November 2013 , the Met. Police solution was " Operation Safeguard "! Great effort to solve the problem ? Since when did VEHICLES have the right to RAM Cyclists off the road ? Releasing Police Officers , not properly aware of the UK Laws about CYCLING , on a STOP Cyclists Exercise , to TELL THEM that they should be wearing Helmets and Wearing High Vis. garments , none of which are required by the Highway Code , OR , UK Laws , demonstrates a level of STUPIDITY that is also demonstrated by giving a TFL Bus Driver a " PAID HOLIDAY " for ramming a Cyclist , and thus causing 5 months ( so Far ) of pain & suffering !

YOU think you are finished with this matter ?

Think AGAIN , jobsworth !

Your Superiors will find the Blogs generated , UNCOMFORTABLE Reading ! No doubt the Tourism London people will be squirming when i finish reminding them of my efforts at Ponferrada , where i showed off the garments destroyed by the " Friendly driver from TFL " , who thought that Lunch would be improved by RAMMING a Cyclist !

Under is the email , previously sent , just so YOU can avoid claiming that it was unseen !


M.Mc Carthy

from: "skippy mc carthy" <>

Reply-To: <>

To: <>

Cc: <>

Subject: MY REPLY Re: LX/1501386/2014/CH CONFIRM Receipt of Email THIS TIME !

Date: Sat 08/16/14 11:52 AM

SO Disgusted with the reply , which no doubt , was not your decision , that i sent the following through the Facebook Social Media Page :

" Attn Sir Bernard Hogan-Howe

Commisioner of Metropolitan Police


Sir ,

As Commisioner of Metropolitan Police you have a considerable Pool of Talent available to deal with the myriad of Incidents that fall within your purview .

No doubt there are some that fall below the Level of Expertise that you would normally demand ?

The matter i now call your attention to , was attended by a Mini Bus full of your Met. Police Officers , who would have had every opportunity to gather sufficient evidence on the scene , to secure the conviction of the offending TFL Bus Driver ! Had i as a vehicle driver behaved in the same manner , i would no doubt have been issued with paperwork immediately , for at the minimum " Driving without due care and attention ", perhaps even speeding or passing too close to a Cyclist ? However because the vehicle is operated by a member of the TFL Consortia , the Inspector Beresford , or his Sargeant may have instructed the Woman Constable to only take down details , for later consideration ?

As far as anyone is concerned the Traffic Violence inflicted on me was due to my deciding to use that road to pass through London ? In the letter sent to me , there is a definite presumption that i deserve no better , for having decided to be a Bike Tourist in London !

After the November 2013 Cyclist deaths , your Police Force scored considerable Publicity with " Operation safeguard " , wherein Cyclists received countless numbers of " FPN " for a variety of offences , some of those offences in contradiction of the " ACPO guide lines "!

When was ramming a Cyclist in the rear on a " Marked CYCLE Lane " that passes a traffic Island , NOT an open & shut reason for a charge to be immediately imposed ? Attempted Manslaughter , Grevious Bodily Harm , etc , when using a FIST , but using 15 ton of a Metal blunt object , that is OKAY ?

Regretably this PATHETIC Example of " Fair Treatment " is not the only Traffic Violence that received the same treatment as shown in this Tweet/article : " Pedals for medals ‏@Pedalsformedals May 5
@Dean_Bousfield, we will be going again, but we will need time to regroup and 'unfold' our bikes and bodies! @HelpforHeroes

So a Charity Group of " Ex Military Guys ( ) " get wiped out by " Sleeping Driver " , they go to Hospital ( see Photo attached ) andd HE goes to a " Driver Improvement Course ! FAIR DEAL ? Well to the Admin Staff at the CPS ? YAWN ! To the attending Police Officers ? Frustration ?

Unless i am informed by return email / Tweet / other , that your office will review the matter URGENTLY , i will have to do as so many others have done , to have the matter reopened , in order to see the Driver Convicted , seek the services of the " IPCC " .

As you will see from the attachment below my signature , TFL are well known as a source of Misery to the Victims of their ongoing Traffic Violence :


M. Mc Carthy

No doubt , if there are conscientious people running that Facebook page , a copy will be on his desk on Monday ? Should i not receive your confirmation of this email by close of business on Monday , then i shall be following these examples : IPCC by MP?

The Met’s “re-investigation” of my case compelled by the IPCC simply confirmed that everything Met had done to investigate my collision had been carried out “within standard operating procedures” which - apparently - include:

Not interviewing the victim of a KSI collision involving a TfL bus during the formal investigation phase
Not revisiting the site of the collision during the IPCC-mandated reinvestigation
Not reconstructing the collision...ever.
Not collecting available CCTV evidence in time so it is destroyed
Not reviewing or analysing CCTV evidence (unless two years later and only if compelled to by the IPCC counts)
Not contacting key witnesses (even two years later and even though the Mayor's office managed to do so)
Not reviewing available CCTV evidence to see if it corroborates any witness statements.

I have ridden my Bike at ProWorld Road Race Major Cycle Tour Events for the past 17 seasons , i did not spend the first 4 months of 2014 preparing to be cheated of success by some 2 bit TFL bus driver , who was probably speeding to his lunch !

You had better have ALL your ducks in a row , because i will be looking for a conviction of something more noteworthy than "Careless Driving "!


M. Mc Carthy
--- wrote:

From: <>
To: <>
Subject: LX/1501386/2014/CH
Date: Fri, 15 Aug 2014 09:19:59 +0000

Dear Mr McCarthy,

I am writing in regards to the accident you were involved in on 2nd May 2014 in Wandsworth Road, SW8.

Evidence suggests that the bus driver was at fault for the incident. It has been decided that the bus driver will be offered a place on a driver improvement course. If he fails the course or declines to attend we will proceed with court action against him for driving without due care and attention.

Please see attached letter. I have also posted a letter to you.

Kind regards

Colin Harris
Case Manager
Traffic Criminal Justice OCU

AS IF " jobsworth " cares about what happens to me , during the period that HE claims that the "Traffic Violence Perp " is supposed to be under scrutiny ?

Oh , by the way , the Giro was announced today !  Was going to discuss how it will impact my 2015 Plans , but that will be later !

Saturday, May 17, 2014


Back in March i received a reply to an item that i wrote in " "
! This time they did not address me as " Mrs "!  seems they read the blog piece , as they refer to it in this email submission ?

  "   Ticket "2014031010001733" created!

Date:   Mon 03/10/14 06:33 AM

Dear Mr Mc Carthy,

Once again we convey our sincerest apologies if you feel you have been disrespected. Your original email asked for information that was indeed provided to you in a follow up email shortly thereafter, granted we made an honest mistake when addressing your title. We have provided you with information that you requested,  a suggestion as to what would better suit your needs, as well as an apology for what we repeat was an honest mistake. Unfortunately our CEOs do not frequent our customer service department as they are based at the HQ office.  Apologies for not being able to assist you getting in contact with them as we have protocol regarding the privacy of giving out such personal information.

It is unfortunate that you have decided to write a negative review although our department has apologized repeatedly for the mistake. We do hope you will come to see things differently in the near future and not let a mishap as has happened affect your opinion on a product.

Best regards
Oregon Scientific UK
Customer Service
Tel - 0871 222 1966
@ -

Being used to dealing with the Organ Grinder , not the MONKEY , i still have not reached the purpose of my original request , that of using a " Loan " unit .  When first in contact , i had the idea to combine their unit with a Garmin , thus seeing what was being recorded as i rode . With having laid out my usual annual Cycling Events , any reasonable person could have seen the amount of Publicity that could have been garnered by cooperation ?  Iin addition there have been " Traffic Violence Incidents " that i have been the unwitting victim of , let alone others , where other Cyclists have suffered Injury .

Local Polizei have treated MOST of my complaints as of " No Account " , principally because i fail to provide " Independent Witnesses " or Video , of the " Supposed event "!   Even when i drag a guy into their Office , and he admits that he caused a dangerous road incident , whilst driving and using a hand held cell phone , they decide " NO ACTION "!   That incident was one of several resulting in No Injury , yet , there have been many others where INJURY has been suffered but as there are NO "Independent Witnesses " the Legal process will drag on into infinity !  Have you ever fought Goliath , with their bottomless Pockets ?  Of course ONLY 2 weeks have passed since the latest Traffic Violence Incidence . Riding on a " Bike Lane " , clearly painted AND SIGN POSTED , i had a London Double Decker Bus ram my rear , as he attempted to pass me in a " Squeeze Point " ! When a traffic Island is put in the road , little wider than the width of a Bus , why would anyone with common sense/awareness or in their " Sane Mind " attempt to pass a Cyclist ?

Thrown onto the pavement by the apparent impact of the faster moving vehicle coming into contact with the rear derailleur , it would appear that the ability to judge the width of the street , failed when the driver attempted to pass the Cyclist in an area which Authorities had decided was a " No Passing " area .

In Europe , passing a Cyclist requires , in MOST Countries , waiting until the road ahead is clear , then passing with in excess of 1M to 1 1/2M , not as done in the UK , where lightly touching the clothing , is regarded as sufficient consideration by most drivers !  Had the Bus not hit the rear derailleur , on this occasion , it would likely have hit the shoulder , thus causing even more INJURY , than the " Walk/Cycle away damage inflicted !  The Police Officer who attended to my Physical Examination , stated he was a trained  " Para Medic " and did a more thorough job than i usually give myself . Suffice to say , he was annoyed with my impatience to get to my feet , even though the whole Left side of my Body was damaged in one way or another .  When the Ambulance People arrived , the 2 Ladies were equally as caring and applied coverage to the Knee and Ankle even though i prefer to leave them exposed to the fresh air after cleaning . To this day , the hip and knee gives me trouble as i walk but i just grit my teeth when Cycling since i have things to do , regardless of the attempted MURDER efforts of the unwitting/gormless drivers that think sitting on their fat butt is the only way to travel .

With the extent of the injuries suffered , i have taken to a combination of Cycling to the edge of Towns or the Motorway Entrance , where i then take to Hitch Hiking . One of the benefits of this mode of Travel , is the variety of people i get to meet and thus the various Nationalities and Backgrounds thus they provide me with an insight into the way others live , not available to me by other forms of transport . To ALL that i have met , i should like to offer my THANKS ! Some have gone far more than the " Extra Mile " on my behalf . With being taken home to Meals , people going far out of their normal journey and offers of accomodation , i have been extremely fortunate , in the people that i have met .

When i asked the Police at the scene of the Traffic Violence to discover WHAT Assistance , TFL Bus would offer to assist with my onward travel as the Bike was no longer roadworthy , they obtained a telephone number !  Now as a film buff i have seen " Harry Potter travel through the Fireplace "!  Yet in the Modern everyday world , i have yet to hear of people being able to get down the phone line to a destination, have you ?  Seems that TFL , which records DAILY Taffic Violence Incidents , takes NO INTEREST in the consequences to those that suffer from contact with them ?

The Police took me in their Mobile Police Station to " Apex Cycles " near Clapham Common , where i had to pay for repairs and parts , that i would normally be able to provide from my OWN Resources . Since i carry a spoke key , the rear wheel could have been " Retrued " by myself , but the snapped Ultegra Rear derailleur was replaced by the " Cheapest Tiagra " available , since i had a " Dureace " available in Manchester on another bike stored there . Of course it was necessary to replace the cabling and outer cable. The fracture of the down Tube will need attention and gets surveyed daily and the bent handlebars and tape will be replaced as will the damaged Saddle , Pedals , Glasses and Broken Helmet !   Those that think that Helmets are an " Affection " , should think about " Brain Damage " ! If you break a HELMET , what would have happened to your Brain let alone the surface of the HEAD ?

Since Ambulances do not carry Bikes , i had NO CHOICE but to sign a " Disclaimer of Responsibility " for the Ambulance Service , when i refused to go to Hospital . No Bones Broken but severely bruised , bloodied and shaken , i was not about to endure several hours in an A & E whilst awaiting a little more TLC. As it turned out , i was in A & E at Shrewsbury 10 days later due to concerns about the lack of progress in the injuries mending .  Xrays and other tests revealed that nothing undue was out of order thus i continued across the UK without a return visit to London . Luckily i got a ride from Reading to Dover via the M25 , which for once was not the largest parking station in Europe .

With my contributions to various " Cycle Safety Org.s " over the years , it appears that i would be well enough known for members to assist by replying to my request to deal with this matter by EMAIL : So far a few comments in the " Facebook web page " , but otherwise it appears that i am on my own !


You are as WORTHLESS as the people that make the " DUAL Camera "!

Out of sight , so out of mind !

WHEN will Cyclists wake up to the fact , that aas individuals , WE ARE WORTHLESS , as part of an International Cycling Safety Campaign , OUR NUMBERS will carry the DAY !

On the 21st May , " StopKillingCyclists " will mark the loss of the 5th Cyclist of 2014 . Meanwhile as i read " AmyGillettFoundation " i see " It is with regret we report " for the umpteenth time in 2014 !

TRACEY Gaudry is VP_Cycling at the UCI , since 3rd Quarter of 2013 , but CEO of AGF for several years . Brian Cookson has listened to me in person at Aigle and suffers my Tweets & Emails .  Whilst at Aigle i met a Guy connected with " Off Road Activities , he told me that apart from Amy D. , several other of HIS Communities' Racers have been Lost through TRAFFIC VIOLENCE !

UCI as a member of the IOC , will be only too aware , that Athletes from MANY Disciplines , use Cycling as Cross Training in their endeavours to qualify for the Olympic Events . WHY then are they " Hurrying slowly " to address the continuing " TRAFFIC CARNAGE "?

Yesterday i Tweeted :

C about BLARING HORNS! STOP it TODAY! RESPECT of CYCLISTS starts at Races not on STREETS !

AS i write this blog , i am watching the repeat of the Giro d'Italia , and you have got it , MORE HORN blaring as the " Official / accredited / VIP / Assh#le " passes the Racers ! Of course that was Friday and this is Saturday , so little time for ACTION ?!


May 21 is going to see thousands gather in London to mark the passing of yet ANOTHER CYCLIST ! WHAT does UCI plan to do ? Tracey , was there ANYBODY in Cairns from " AGF " for the Cairns 1st Ann of Tanya's demise :

BRITISH Cycling could ensure that Pro Cyclists were available , EQUIPPED with a NEWS RELEASE , not only demonstrating support , BUT , outlining WHAT the UCI , on behalf of the INTERNATIONAL COMMUNITY , proposes to do ! UCI might even propose a series of TV Ads , similar to UEFA Football's " RESPECT " series ?

The ANT is roaring , but HOW LONG do Cyclists have to wait for the INEVITABLE ? It is an International Epidemic that CYCLING is suffering !


LACK of International ACTION !