Thursday, June 30, 2011


YES YOU CAN but not from my blog !

Fatcyclist can win TWO trek bikes with your HELP ! Of course he doesn't know the level of interest that my "Conti Tyres " attracted , no point in telling of the LACK OF INTEREST IN HELPING OTHERS , is there ?

Link to his blog HERE ! Would be an irony if i referred a winner ?

Today is the last day for these "Conti tyres" then i give them to a"Para Athlete" of my choice !

Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Les Essarts on 2011 TDF

Courtesy of the "Les Essarts Tourist Office" i am able to post today , coffee also is on the menu , showing how friendly they are here ! Contact by this address the next days , george the cyclist was here yesterday but a&s usual has found a hiding place whilst i used a really nice Camp site provided by the Municipe for 8 euros !

After writing a comment in the Camp visitors book "Madam Custodian" came to thank me , somewhat unusual is it not ?

Driving through from the 20 pound channel crossing I made a visit to see Christine and Bertrand in St Martin de Landelles , close to Mont St Michel in Normandy . Daniel the TDF Speaker hales from here and the small museum is overflowing with Donations of "Cycling Artifacts " thanks to the three of them ! Photos will be uploaded when i get batteries for the camera since i was flash happy whilst inspecting the exhibits . Bertrand has been very involved over the years with the Criterium there which is the last Sunday of July , follows the TDF . Surprised me that so many ancient champions have won here and will enjoy reminding Marc Madiot , Richard Virenque ,Laurent Jalabert and Thiery Marie of their success there .

Weather today is Sunny and breezy after the dismal day of yesterday as i drove across France , did not feel inclined to divert to visit Mont St M. seen through the haze and just as well since i found C & B at home but preparing to get in supplies after Casey Gibson &wife Ruth had left that morning . The supplies are to celebrate Bertrand's 70th birthday . Lovelly lunch and visit to the museum filled the afternoon .

Georgethecyclist arrived in this tourist office yesterday so i hope he returns for directions to make contact . So now to ride the local roads and enjoy contact with the teams . Noticed Omega Lotto passing on their way to their hotel .

Note that unless you have a ticket there is no welcome at the "Teams Presentation" on thursday afternoon , 7000 capacity means the TV Audience will see a timid performance orchestrated to make ALL believe that the TDF is as good as always !

At Les Herbiers the staf of the Commune invited me in for a beer so it was a pleasant interlude whilst watching those awaiting their "dog collars" !

During the last days i have found the head ofice of the " eurocar " team and taken a few photos of the bikes stored there during the training period for the Team Time Trial .

Monday, June 27, 2011

TDF 2011 Starters As Advised on Monday Preceeding START

Are you curious about who i may get to ride with later in the week ?

So far i see 6 Aussies but thought that there would be many more , 1998 was my first TDF and there were 6 then !

Link below will throw you to the current list of participants :

Friday, June 24, 2011

Start Line at GRINDEWALD

Stuey holding forth to Robbie and others as they await the signal to go to the start .

Al Ballan giving me the benefit of a close up shot , having been World Champion Road Racer it is a shame that there is a cloud hanging over him .

Thanks to shamilton'confession Eki now holds 3 Olympic Gold Medals although who knows when the third and the prize money will arrive at his doorstep ? Eki was kind enough to step out of the car for me to take the shot . Always thought of him as an inspiration to the younger racers .

Christian VDV shooting the breeze with the "Robbies" . George the cyclist is getting new "garmin gear" because of "home town Advantage" according to C VDV !

Thor preparing to race and win this stage .

Bobridge on the way to being Lanterne Rouge .

Damiano on the way to signing on for this stage .

Liquigas racers awaiting the start gun .

Tuesday, June 21, 2011


WHEN i go to edit my "nav bar" it shows a "FOLLOW" button but when i look at what you are seeing on the blog , this button/device is not showing !

TO Those who have been frustrated in the past i apologise as it is beyond my control !

Register through the "FOLLOW BY EMAIL " and then we can see how to solve this problem ! Apparently those coming through this way are visible to me on my email account .

MEANWHILE i will try and find a better solution so as to get the results we are all seeking .


Spent too much time getting nowhere as my "design " section does not have

POSTINGS SETTINGS LAYOUT headings but has the following headings:


Tried a variety of options w/out result