Wednesday, October 17, 2012


Paris 24th October is the setting of the Presentation of the 100th Edition of Le Tour and reports are rife as to the contents of Chris Prudhomme's speech .

Here isthe letter i am sending him on the basis of the speculation on setting aside "Le Tour" results !

"  Greetings

As you prepare to present the 100th Edition of “ Le Tour “on 24th October 2012 , it may be as well to reflect on the effects that Doping has had on the validity of the results over the years !

Media are speculating that you will announce that the results from 1999  through 2005 will be set aside as a result of the USADA report , recently released . This  comprehensive report would justify your actions . This will be just the latest of many occasions when the “ Le Tour “ results had to be set aside ,  my information is that this will be the fourth time , with an occasion in the 1930(?)’s , 2006 , 2010 , being the other occasions !

EPO is significantly different to other forms of Doping and reports are that it came to be used in the late 1980s and then in the early 1990s became rife . Who is to know that the result of the 1990 “ Le Tour “ was influenced by “ EPO use “?  Certainly there are questionable personalities included in the top 10 of each year from 1990 .

Miguel Indurain is a monument of Cycling , yet there are some who claim that he has blots on his Sporting record and others have pointed the finger at Greg Lemond . Both of these Sportsmen may be totally blameless , but the environment they were competing in was definitely suspect ! Doubtful that it would be a popular decision , to question their reputation in 2012 ?

With the support staff that surround you , it would be surprising if you were not aware of ALL the rumours in the Cycling World ? Can you afford to wait until the presentation of the 2014 “Edition of Le Tour “ to act on those doubtful years filled with Marco Pantani , Jan Ulrich and Bjarne Riis ?

Can “ ASO “ act in a forthright manner , and determine a “ DOPE FREE FUTURE “ , by asserting it’s right , to only invite those RACERS who have PUBLICLY stated they are “ untainted by Doping “ , with prosecution for Perjury and a LIFE TIME BAN as the penalty ?

There is no “ level playing field “ in Sport BUT “ ASO “ can set a benchmark for those that wish to compete in the “100th Edition of “Le Tour “!


Skippy Mc Carthy

Some other peoples’ thoughts on who should replace Lance Armstrong in the years 1999 to 2005 :

The following source of current events is worth a visit :

No doubt the " UCI " will wish to make their views known !

NB There were other letters in the past that you did not choose to answer , so i expect nothing this time ! Speaking to you face to face , is not an option at this time , but as an " advocate for Paralympic Sport " i was delighted with the result of the " 2012 Paralympic Games " , which demonstrated that the Public , want to see more from Para Athletes , even at " Able Bodied Events .

Thursday, October 11, 2012

Jacques Rogge needs to ACT SWIFTLY !

My letter which i am Tweeting to Jacques Rogge :

Sir ,

There is nothing more pressing than acting on the USADA relevations !

You have a simple choice to make either :

Preserve your integrity by setting up an " AMNESTY FOR ALL SPORTS "


RESIGN and let someone else do the job you are supposed to be doing

Really quite simple is it not ?

When you competed in the Olympics i would imagine you were up against people with principles and for the most part they were Amateur Sports Athletes ?

These days , it appears to me , the majority of Athletes competing in the Olympic Games , both Winter and Summer , are Professional !

The world has moved on and there are huge amounts of Sponsorship at stake so the Corporations investing are demanding of the IOC , the best entertainment that money can buy ? Are they asking for the BEST Pharmacists ? Doubtful !

May i suggest that you consider " Double Jeopardy " is the greatest risk that the Athletes , who would wish to clear their consciences , risk . Whilst YOU , the IOC and " Jo Public " will say " We Forgive ", many Governments that have imposed Penalties for doping Offences , in recent years , may choose not to do so !

By you contacting ALL Heads of Government that are members of the Olympic Movement and asking them to lift their " Laws regarding Doping " for the "AMNESTY Period " , you will see many , if not ALL past & Present Athletes , declare their wrong doing in relation to use of DOPING Products ! No Amnesty should be given for those distributing and Controlling , since these people , have a monetary interest in preserving the " Status Quo "! Governments not accepting your request within 7 days should be asked/told not to expect to attend the Next Winter & Summer Games !

Once the Governments are on side , ALL Athletes Past & Present will need to declare On Line to a " Truth & Reconciliation Panel " established by WADA & IOC their personal history of Usage and Suppliers . The Amnesty should be Two Tiered so that the first tier will give the Athletes their chance to make a clean breast of their misdeeds . After the Deadline Period has elapsed and details have been published on International Websites , those connected with these athletes will be able to see , firstly , that they have declared or not , and secondly , had they not done so , then to save themselves from " LIFE TIME BANS " as co conspirators they must come forward and disclose their connection before the final due date . Those Athletes not declaring , as they were required , by the first Due Date , will face " Automatic LIFE TIME BANS "!

You will agree that no Athlete will wish to see their future evaporate because they sought to avoid " Double Jeopardy " OR thought that they could evade the system ?

UCI has presently a policy of not allowing those who " Doped " before a Certain Date , from retiring from active Cycling and taking up Management Positions in the Cycling Teams . Here again it may be useful to allow that those Current Staff stepping forward , be allowed to remain in their employment . I feel sure that two ex racers that are changing Positions for the season 2013 would benefit from this decision  being implemented !

Cycling is not the ONLY Sport that has ongoing problems and this is why i have always advocated a " Blanket AMNESTY " , this will benefit ALL Sport and ALL YOUR SPONSORS !

No doubt as Chairman of the IOC you will be able to implement the necessary steps to see that ALL Sport become " DOPE FREE " once again !

Thursday, October 4, 2012

PHAT advertising his STUPIDITY

Foot in mouth phat walked into a revolving door today when he won an action in the Swiss Court against " flandis "! Who is " flandis " you may very well ask ? Had this action not gone to court , the world would not have been aware that the " Prats of Aigle " had scored another own goal ! Does anyone look to flandis as a source of news ?
Sometime in 2011 Floyd Landis made some comments about UCI and people such as phat mc quaid & heinous verbruggen . Perhaps there were a few that read of these in some cycling media but most would have had a yawn . When the Prats of Aigle took offence and raised an action in the Swiss Courts , more people saw the story , although they may not have been aware of the " comments " provoking the claim for damages . Yesterday the Swiss Judge awarded the case to Phat & Heinous , since flandis was a " no show " . There was an order made that flandis must not say these comments in future and apart from damages and costs , he was ordered to pay for the advertising in a number of premier media outlets . Seems he was to say that he did not say these things in the advert , thus repeating the original statement . During the past days most of the Cycling Journals and Internet sites have repeated the comments , that flandis is not allowed to say , and in the comments section of these media outlets , plenty of people including myself , are saying the things flandis is not allowed to say since the judgement . At what point will phat realise that he has scored an own goal ? Will he and heinous decide that they can ill afford to pursue Paul Kimmage in the same fashion in the Court Action on December 12th ? The " Paul Kimmage Defence Fund " has passed $51000 with 1800+ supporters raring to see the truths espoused by flandis & shamilton come out in the Swiss courts
. When did the job description of being President of the " UCI " require the incumbent to make a PRAT of themselves ? Surely those " Voting Delegates " of the " UCI " know there are rules in the UCI Constitution , that allows them to call an " Extraordinary Meeting " , and thus rid themselves of these " Prats of Aigle " and install someone with integrity to oversee a thorough spring clean of the organisation ? Phat , it is time you took a break , have a long holiday , far from Cycling and real life ! When you return take a reality check before you apply yourself to any work relating to Sport !