Friday, May 13, 2011

Wouter Memorial Material

Checkout this item from Christian VandeVelde

This is the item regarding the TV coverage of the crash :

should you wish to view what was shown on the TV .

ESTABLISHED TODAY @hill108 and so that you the cyclist can do something positive to honour the memory of Wouter !

Some efforts by the public to memorialize Wouter's passing :

My last encounter with Wouter was at the team presentation :

Today Wednesday 18th is his funeral and there will be many who will mark this occasion in their diary as is his due .

R.I.P. Wouter !

Monday, May 9, 2011

Wouter R.I.P.

Sunny weather in Regio and a guy going about the day's business , one wonders if he recalled that last year he stood on the podium as winner of that year's stage 3 ?

Statements and Condolences flow from yesterday's tragedy , Wouter was a popular rider born 27/9/84 in Ghent and leaves a pregnant wife , Anne Sophie who has been flown into Milano .
Hopefully the Media will stand back and allow her to grieve in peace . Wouter's colleagues will no doubt be faced with the decision as to whether to continue .

From RCS the holder of the rights to the race :

"Angelo Zomegnan, Director of the Giro d’Italia:"First of all, we want to express condolences to Wouter’s family and to his wife Anne Sofie that we're going to receive at Malpensa Airport at 22.30. As Prof. Tredici explained, what happened was inevitable. The doctors have done everything they could but the situation was hopeless from the very first moments. We also thank them for their efforts and for the immediate intervention. We have received messages of condolence from the UCI President, Pat McQuaid, the president of Federciclismo, Renato Di Rocco, and the president of the professional riders, Gianni Bugno. We had already planned to remember the victims of Lamezia Terme in St. Eufemia, during the eighth stage from Sapri in Tropea. Unfortunately, will have one more to remember. I want to emphasize that we respect the choices of the Leopard Trek Team and those of other teams to decide what to do in the coming days. Before considering other details we would like to meet the family."

Show your support by adding Twibbon from

As a mark of respect i will ride in Black today but will add ribbons if i can find them , my Italian not being that good . My last encounter with Wouter was in Torino at the team presentation as seen in the photo :

ESTABLISHED 1st June 2011 @hill108 and so that we the cyclist community can do something positive to honour Wouter's memory in an ongoing way . Add your comments and suggestions to either entry point please .

Those with the authority may wish to take over responsibilit for this idea and propose additional " Hills " where the cycling community can participate .

As always email :

Saturday, May 7, 2011

Romandie Tour

Uploading photos has proved difficult since i am away from home using other people's computers and thus learning new tricks .

Photo following is taken in the arrival village which sponsors the Tour de Romandie and presented me with a bottle of the local premium white which went down well at dinner with friends in Les2Alpes a few days later .

The following morning i did the two Cat 1 climbs , short cutting the course from the descent on the second peak i went to Valorbe over the first climb and took a detour to go up the descent on the second , both have been used in previous editions of the Romandie so i felt at home . On arriving at the peak of the first climb i found a group of guys who provided the action in these photos . No doubt they are wondering why it has taken so long to upload to the blog .

These guys have created their own team shirt which caught my attention when we met .

Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Giro d'Italia

Take the time to bookmark this blog as i will be sending all my Giro encounters to this site .

Today i had the pleasure to visit with the Major of Torino whom i met during the 2006 Winter Olympic Games on many occasions . He went out of his way then to help me enjoy that visit by arranging access to many of the available facilities .

As a volunteer then i saw much that the general public did not have access .

Parrabuddy will of course have items posted from time to time .

More follows in the next days .

Photo from day 4 of Trentino shows Francesco with Cristina who hosted me to lunch at her home with her daughters . hristina's brother trained with the young Moser as he was starting his cycling career ! Flowers are the bouquet that Michele Scarponi presented Cristina when I made the intro as he stepped off the Victor's Podium.

Photos of Moser and Motta from Palermo 2009 are still in my motorola phone camera , anyone with the download tool in their computer please advise .