Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Giro d'Italia

Take the time to bookmark this blog as i will be sending all my Giro encounters to this site .

Today i had the pleasure to visit with the Major of Torino whom i met during the 2006 Winter Olympic Games on many occasions . He went out of his way then to help me enjoy that visit by arranging access to many of the available facilities .

As a volunteer then i saw much that the general public did not have access .

Parrabuddy will of course have items posted from time to time .

More follows in the next days .

Photo from day 4 of Trentino shows Francesco with Cristina who hosted me to lunch at her home with her daughters . hristina's brother trained with the young Moser as he was starting his cycling career ! Flowers are the bouquet that Michele Scarponi presented Cristina when I made the intro as he stepped off the Victor's Podium.

Photos of Moser and Motta from Palermo 2009 are still in my motorola phone camera , anyone with the download tool in their computer please advise .

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