Saturday, May 7, 2011

Romandie Tour

Uploading photos has proved difficult since i am away from home using other people's computers and thus learning new tricks .

Photo following is taken in the arrival village which sponsors the Tour de Romandie and presented me with a bottle of the local premium white which went down well at dinner with friends in Les2Alpes a few days later .

The following morning i did the two Cat 1 climbs , short cutting the course from the descent on the second peak i went to Valorbe over the first climb and took a detour to go up the descent on the second , both have been used in previous editions of the Romandie so i felt at home . On arriving at the peak of the first climb i found a group of guys who provided the action in these photos . No doubt they are wondering why it has taken so long to upload to the blog .

These guys have created their own team shirt which caught my attention when we met .

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