Thursday, October 4, 2012

PHAT advertising his STUPIDITY

Foot in mouth phat walked into a revolving door today when he won an action in the Swiss Court against " flandis "! Who is " flandis " you may very well ask ? Had this action not gone to court , the world would not have been aware that the " Prats of Aigle " had scored another own goal ! Does anyone look to flandis as a source of news ?
Sometime in 2011 Floyd Landis made some comments about UCI and people such as phat mc quaid & heinous verbruggen . Perhaps there were a few that read of these in some cycling media but most would have had a yawn . When the Prats of Aigle took offence and raised an action in the Swiss Courts , more people saw the story , although they may not have been aware of the " comments " provoking the claim for damages . Yesterday the Swiss Judge awarded the case to Phat & Heinous , since flandis was a " no show " . There was an order made that flandis must not say these comments in future and apart from damages and costs , he was ordered to pay for the advertising in a number of premier media outlets . Seems he was to say that he did not say these things in the advert , thus repeating the original statement . During the past days most of the Cycling Journals and Internet sites have repeated the comments , that flandis is not allowed to say , and in the comments section of these media outlets , plenty of people including myself , are saying the things flandis is not allowed to say since the judgement . At what point will phat realise that he has scored an own goal ? Will he and heinous decide that they can ill afford to pursue Paul Kimmage in the same fashion in the Court Action on December 12th ? The " Paul Kimmage Defence Fund " has passed $51000 with 1800+ supporters raring to see the truths espoused by flandis & shamilton come out in the Swiss courts
. When did the job description of being President of the " UCI " require the incumbent to make a PRAT of themselves ? Surely those " Voting Delegates " of the " UCI " know there are rules in the UCI Constitution , that allows them to call an " Extraordinary Meeting " , and thus rid themselves of these " Prats of Aigle " and install someone with integrity to oversee a thorough spring clean of the organisation ? Phat , it is time you took a break , have a long holiday , far from Cycling and real life ! When you return take a reality check before you apply yourself to any work relating to Sport !

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