Tuesday, September 25, 2012


Phat beware !

Whilst you laugh yourself to sleep , reading the news of those on the Cyclingnew’s Forum , trying to get a “ Change.org Petition “ organised to call on you to resign , consider the real danger !

People are genuinely pissed off with your behaviour in regard towards Paul Kimmage ! So much so they are putting their hands in their pocket and donating to the “ Defence Fund “ ! Can you think of ANYONE other than Hein who is trying to help you ?

Below is a copy of a broadcast email going the rounds :

 “  Update about "World Cycling Organization UCI: For president PatMcQuaid to resign and cycling to be cleaned up"

Hello fellow cycling fan,

Thank you for telling Pat McQuaid it’s time for change! More than 400 people supported this petition in only three days.
Your reasons for signing make it clear that McQuaids departure is only the first step towards fixing cycling. It doesn’t end there.
Support and comments from you have given us added inspiration to keep going. We’re planning our next moves. Something a bit different...
You can follow us here on twitter @PatMustGo for updates.
Thanks again .
Fans of cycling

Seems that about 400+ Cycling Fans , have done as I have done , signed the petition . Small beer really , not worth losing sleep over . Most Media people would yawn and pass on to another story BUT when people dig into their pocket for the “ Chip In Fund “ , THEN the Media people are going to follow that story !

Giving Media privileged access used to be a great way to control the story ! Who is going to bite the hand that feeds them ?  On a scale of 1 to 10 , with the current media situation , you would now be rating MINUS !

So what do you do ? I suggest you get onto your buddy Hein , and call a halt with this court nonsense in December , could be you get out of this with a few bruises and hurt pride . Leave it too long and Paul will have a “ WAR CHEST “ and all the media egging him on to Counter Sue and guess where you will find yourself then ?

AS a fellow born in Dublin , I am glad that I am an Aussie ! Would too many Irish be happy to see you bashing a fellow Irishman for “ peanuts “? Living in Switzerland you will be safe from the man on the Irish Street , but the effect of public opinion , on your family will be another matter . Won’t be long before the Irish media ask ALL & Sundry to disown you ! Having been banned from attending the Olympics as a Cyclist in your Cycling Career , you must have a thick skin , but do you really think it fair for your family to suffer the scorn that will come their way through the notoriety you will create when Paul Kimmage arrives in the Aigle court and WINS ! You will look the prize chump when he also wins the Counter Suit , wonder how much he will be awarded there ?

Whilst you have any dignity Pat , pack your bags , take a long restful holiday in one of  those countries where there are no Cycling Events , and hope that when you return to society , there are no issues to bite you !

Those of you reading this Blog may be aware , I was trying to call on  WADA/IOC to work together , to establish an “ ALL SPORTS AMNESTY “ ! Last week UCI decided that they would not indulge themselves in this matter . Fortunately for All , they made a good decision since those they were seeking to come forward would NOT ! Nobody trusts the leadership of the “ UCIless “ and thus it would be unreasonable for ANY Government , to stand back and allow their Citizens to admit to breaking their Laws ! The article discussing an Amnesty “ UCI “ style :


David Millar , reformed Doper , budding Journo , took Phat to task last Saturday in Holland and generated a few brownie points in the process .

Anyone that can rid Cycling of the blight of “ Doping “ deserves support , and Paul Kimmage’s constant  efforts have encouraged many , hopefully we will now see more coming forward to support his efforts !

Addition Wed  26th Sept :

Led to believe this LINK will divert you to the " Chip In for the " Paul Kimmage Defence Fund " !

Those wishing to use " Paypal " will be able to add to the $33000+ already contributed !

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