Wednesday, October 17, 2012


Paris 24th October is the setting of the Presentation of the 100th Edition of Le Tour and reports are rife as to the contents of Chris Prudhomme's speech .

Here isthe letter i am sending him on the basis of the speculation on setting aside "Le Tour" results !

"  Greetings

As you prepare to present the 100th Edition of “ Le Tour “on 24th October 2012 , it may be as well to reflect on the effects that Doping has had on the validity of the results over the years !

Media are speculating that you will announce that the results from 1999  through 2005 will be set aside as a result of the USADA report , recently released . This  comprehensive report would justify your actions . This will be just the latest of many occasions when the “ Le Tour “ results had to be set aside ,  my information is that this will be the fourth time , with an occasion in the 1930(?)’s , 2006 , 2010 , being the other occasions !

EPO is significantly different to other forms of Doping and reports are that it came to be used in the late 1980s and then in the early 1990s became rife . Who is to know that the result of the 1990 “ Le Tour “ was influenced by “ EPO use “?  Certainly there are questionable personalities included in the top 10 of each year from 1990 .

Miguel Indurain is a monument of Cycling , yet there are some who claim that he has blots on his Sporting record and others have pointed the finger at Greg Lemond . Both of these Sportsmen may be totally blameless , but the environment they were competing in was definitely suspect ! Doubtful that it would be a popular decision , to question their reputation in 2012 ?

With the support staff that surround you , it would be surprising if you were not aware of ALL the rumours in the Cycling World ? Can you afford to wait until the presentation of the 2014 “Edition of Le Tour “ to act on those doubtful years filled with Marco Pantani , Jan Ulrich and Bjarne Riis ?

Can “ ASO “ act in a forthright manner , and determine a “ DOPE FREE FUTURE “ , by asserting it’s right , to only invite those RACERS who have PUBLICLY stated they are “ untainted by Doping “ , with prosecution for Perjury and a LIFE TIME BAN as the penalty ?

There is no “ level playing field “ in Sport BUT “ ASO “ can set a benchmark for those that wish to compete in the “100th Edition of “Le Tour “!


Skippy Mc Carthy

Some other peoples’ thoughts on who should replace Lance Armstrong in the years 1999 to 2005 :

The following source of current events is worth a visit :

No doubt the " UCI " will wish to make their views known !

NB There were other letters in the past that you did not choose to answer , so i expect nothing this time ! Speaking to you face to face , is not an option at this time , but as an " advocate for Paralympic Sport " i was delighted with the result of the " 2012 Paralympic Games " , which demonstrated that the Public , want to see more from Para Athletes , even at " Able Bodied Events .

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