Thursday, October 11, 2012

Jacques Rogge needs to ACT SWIFTLY !

My letter which i am Tweeting to Jacques Rogge :

Sir ,

There is nothing more pressing than acting on the USADA relevations !

You have a simple choice to make either :

Preserve your integrity by setting up an " AMNESTY FOR ALL SPORTS "


RESIGN and let someone else do the job you are supposed to be doing

Really quite simple is it not ?

When you competed in the Olympics i would imagine you were up against people with principles and for the most part they were Amateur Sports Athletes ?

These days , it appears to me , the majority of Athletes competing in the Olympic Games , both Winter and Summer , are Professional !

The world has moved on and there are huge amounts of Sponsorship at stake so the Corporations investing are demanding of the IOC , the best entertainment that money can buy ? Are they asking for the BEST Pharmacists ? Doubtful !

May i suggest that you consider " Double Jeopardy " is the greatest risk that the Athletes , who would wish to clear their consciences , risk . Whilst YOU , the IOC and " Jo Public " will say " We Forgive ", many Governments that have imposed Penalties for doping Offences , in recent years , may choose not to do so !

By you contacting ALL Heads of Government that are members of the Olympic Movement and asking them to lift their " Laws regarding Doping " for the "AMNESTY Period " , you will see many , if not ALL past & Present Athletes , declare their wrong doing in relation to use of DOPING Products ! No Amnesty should be given for those distributing and Controlling , since these people , have a monetary interest in preserving the " Status Quo "! Governments not accepting your request within 7 days should be asked/told not to expect to attend the Next Winter & Summer Games !

Once the Governments are on side , ALL Athletes Past & Present will need to declare On Line to a " Truth & Reconciliation Panel " established by WADA & IOC their personal history of Usage and Suppliers . The Amnesty should be Two Tiered so that the first tier will give the Athletes their chance to make a clean breast of their misdeeds . After the Deadline Period has elapsed and details have been published on International Websites , those connected with these athletes will be able to see , firstly , that they have declared or not , and secondly , had they not done so , then to save themselves from " LIFE TIME BANS " as co conspirators they must come forward and disclose their connection before the final due date . Those Athletes not declaring , as they were required , by the first Due Date , will face " Automatic LIFE TIME BANS "!

You will agree that no Athlete will wish to see their future evaporate because they sought to avoid " Double Jeopardy " OR thought that they could evade the system ?

UCI has presently a policy of not allowing those who " Doped " before a Certain Date , from retiring from active Cycling and taking up Management Positions in the Cycling Teams . Here again it may be useful to allow that those Current Staff stepping forward , be allowed to remain in their employment . I feel sure that two ex racers that are changing Positions for the season 2013 would benefit from this decision  being implemented !

Cycling is not the ONLY Sport that has ongoing problems and this is why i have always advocated a " Blanket AMNESTY " , this will benefit ALL Sport and ALL YOUR SPONSORS !

No doubt as Chairman of the IOC you will be able to implement the necessary steps to see that ALL Sport become " DOPE FREE " once again !

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