Friday, June 24, 2011

Start Line at GRINDEWALD

Stuey holding forth to Robbie and others as they await the signal to go to the start .

Al Ballan giving me the benefit of a close up shot , having been World Champion Road Racer it is a shame that there is a cloud hanging over him .

Thanks to shamilton'confession Eki now holds 3 Olympic Gold Medals although who knows when the third and the prize money will arrive at his doorstep ? Eki was kind enough to step out of the car for me to take the shot . Always thought of him as an inspiration to the younger racers .

Christian VDV shooting the breeze with the "Robbies" . George the cyclist is getting new "garmin gear" because of "home town Advantage" according to C VDV !

Thor preparing to race and win this stage .

Bobridge on the way to being Lanterne Rouge .

Damiano on the way to signing on for this stage .

Liquigas racers awaiting the start gun .

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