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Back in March i received a reply to an item that i wrote in " "
! This time they did not address me as " Mrs "!  seems they read the blog piece , as they refer to it in this email submission ?

  "   Ticket "2014031010001733" created!

Date:   Mon 03/10/14 06:33 AM

Dear Mr Mc Carthy,

Once again we convey our sincerest apologies if you feel you have been disrespected. Your original email asked for information that was indeed provided to you in a follow up email shortly thereafter, granted we made an honest mistake when addressing your title. We have provided you with information that you requested,  a suggestion as to what would better suit your needs, as well as an apology for what we repeat was an honest mistake. Unfortunately our CEOs do not frequent our customer service department as they are based at the HQ office.  Apologies for not being able to assist you getting in contact with them as we have protocol regarding the privacy of giving out such personal information.

It is unfortunate that you have decided to write a negative review although our department has apologized repeatedly for the mistake. We do hope you will come to see things differently in the near future and not let a mishap as has happened affect your opinion on a product.

Best regards
Oregon Scientific UK
Customer Service
Tel - 0871 222 1966
@ -

Being used to dealing with the Organ Grinder , not the MONKEY , i still have not reached the purpose of my original request , that of using a " Loan " unit .  When first in contact , i had the idea to combine their unit with a Garmin , thus seeing what was being recorded as i rode . With having laid out my usual annual Cycling Events , any reasonable person could have seen the amount of Publicity that could have been garnered by cooperation ?  Iin addition there have been " Traffic Violence Incidents " that i have been the unwitting victim of , let alone others , where other Cyclists have suffered Injury .

Local Polizei have treated MOST of my complaints as of " No Account " , principally because i fail to provide " Independent Witnesses " or Video , of the " Supposed event "!   Even when i drag a guy into their Office , and he admits that he caused a dangerous road incident , whilst driving and using a hand held cell phone , they decide " NO ACTION "!   That incident was one of several resulting in No Injury , yet , there have been many others where INJURY has been suffered but as there are NO "Independent Witnesses " the Legal process will drag on into infinity !  Have you ever fought Goliath , with their bottomless Pockets ?  Of course ONLY 2 weeks have passed since the latest Traffic Violence Incidence . Riding on a " Bike Lane " , clearly painted AND SIGN POSTED , i had a London Double Decker Bus ram my rear , as he attempted to pass me in a " Squeeze Point " ! When a traffic Island is put in the road , little wider than the width of a Bus , why would anyone with common sense/awareness or in their " Sane Mind " attempt to pass a Cyclist ?

Thrown onto the pavement by the apparent impact of the faster moving vehicle coming into contact with the rear derailleur , it would appear that the ability to judge the width of the street , failed when the driver attempted to pass the Cyclist in an area which Authorities had decided was a " No Passing " area .

In Europe , passing a Cyclist requires , in MOST Countries , waiting until the road ahead is clear , then passing with in excess of 1M to 1 1/2M , not as done in the UK , where lightly touching the clothing , is regarded as sufficient consideration by most drivers !  Had the Bus not hit the rear derailleur , on this occasion , it would likely have hit the shoulder , thus causing even more INJURY , than the " Walk/Cycle away damage inflicted !  The Police Officer who attended to my Physical Examination , stated he was a trained  " Para Medic " and did a more thorough job than i usually give myself . Suffice to say , he was annoyed with my impatience to get to my feet , even though the whole Left side of my Body was damaged in one way or another .  When the Ambulance People arrived , the 2 Ladies were equally as caring and applied coverage to the Knee and Ankle even though i prefer to leave them exposed to the fresh air after cleaning . To this day , the hip and knee gives me trouble as i walk but i just grit my teeth when Cycling since i have things to do , regardless of the attempted MURDER efforts of the unwitting/gormless drivers that think sitting on their fat butt is the only way to travel .

With the extent of the injuries suffered , i have taken to a combination of Cycling to the edge of Towns or the Motorway Entrance , where i then take to Hitch Hiking . One of the benefits of this mode of Travel , is the variety of people i get to meet and thus the various Nationalities and Backgrounds thus they provide me with an insight into the way others live , not available to me by other forms of transport . To ALL that i have met , i should like to offer my THANKS ! Some have gone far more than the " Extra Mile " on my behalf . With being taken home to Meals , people going far out of their normal journey and offers of accomodation , i have been extremely fortunate , in the people that i have met .

When i asked the Police at the scene of the Traffic Violence to discover WHAT Assistance , TFL Bus would offer to assist with my onward travel as the Bike was no longer roadworthy , they obtained a telephone number !  Now as a film buff i have seen " Harry Potter travel through the Fireplace "!  Yet in the Modern everyday world , i have yet to hear of people being able to get down the phone line to a destination, have you ?  Seems that TFL , which records DAILY Taffic Violence Incidents , takes NO INTEREST in the consequences to those that suffer from contact with them ?

The Police took me in their Mobile Police Station to " Apex Cycles " near Clapham Common , where i had to pay for repairs and parts , that i would normally be able to provide from my OWN Resources . Since i carry a spoke key , the rear wheel could have been " Retrued " by myself , but the snapped Ultegra Rear derailleur was replaced by the " Cheapest Tiagra " available , since i had a " Dureace " available in Manchester on another bike stored there . Of course it was necessary to replace the cabling and outer cable. The fracture of the down Tube will need attention and gets surveyed daily and the bent handlebars and tape will be replaced as will the damaged Saddle , Pedals , Glasses and Broken Helmet !   Those that think that Helmets are an " Affection " , should think about " Brain Damage " ! If you break a HELMET , what would have happened to your Brain let alone the surface of the HEAD ?

Since Ambulances do not carry Bikes , i had NO CHOICE but to sign a " Disclaimer of Responsibility " for the Ambulance Service , when i refused to go to Hospital . No Bones Broken but severely bruised , bloodied and shaken , i was not about to endure several hours in an A & E whilst awaiting a little more TLC. As it turned out , i was in A & E at Shrewsbury 10 days later due to concerns about the lack of progress in the injuries mending .  Xrays and other tests revealed that nothing undue was out of order thus i continued across the UK without a return visit to London . Luckily i got a ride from Reading to Dover via the M25 , which for once was not the largest parking station in Europe .

With my contributions to various " Cycle Safety Org.s " over the years , it appears that i would be well enough known for members to assist by replying to my request to deal with this matter by EMAIL : So far a few comments in the " Facebook web page " , but otherwise it appears that i am on my own !


You are as WORTHLESS as the people that make the " DUAL Camera "!

Out of sight , so out of mind !

WHEN will Cyclists wake up to the fact , that aas individuals , WE ARE WORTHLESS , as part of an International Cycling Safety Campaign , OUR NUMBERS will carry the DAY !

On the 21st May , " StopKillingCyclists " will mark the loss of the 5th Cyclist of 2014 . Meanwhile as i read " AmyGillettFoundation " i see " It is with regret we report " for the umpteenth time in 2014 !

TRACEY Gaudry is VP_Cycling at the UCI , since 3rd Quarter of 2013 , but CEO of AGF for several years . Brian Cookson has listened to me in person at Aigle and suffers my Tweets & Emails .  Whilst at Aigle i met a Guy connected with " Off Road Activities , he told me that apart from Amy D. , several other of HIS Communities' Racers have been Lost through TRAFFIC VIOLENCE !

UCI as a member of the IOC , will be only too aware , that Athletes from MANY Disciplines , use Cycling as Cross Training in their endeavours to qualify for the Olympic Events . WHY then are they " Hurrying slowly " to address the continuing " TRAFFIC CARNAGE "?

Yesterday i Tweeted :

C about BLARING HORNS! STOP it TODAY! RESPECT of CYCLISTS starts at Races not on STREETS !

AS i write this blog , i am watching the repeat of the Giro d'Italia , and you have got it , MORE HORN blaring as the " Official / accredited / VIP / Assh#le " passes the Racers ! Of course that was Friday and this is Saturday , so little time for ACTION ?!


May 21 is going to see thousands gather in London to mark the passing of yet ANOTHER CYCLIST ! WHAT does UCI plan to do ? Tracey , was there ANYBODY in Cairns from " AGF " for the Cairns 1st Ann of Tanya's demise :

BRITISH Cycling could ensure that Pro Cyclists were available , EQUIPPED with a NEWS RELEASE , not only demonstrating support , BUT , outlining WHAT the UCI , on behalf of the INTERNATIONAL COMMUNITY , proposes to do ! UCI might even propose a series of TV Ads , similar to UEFA Football's " RESPECT " series ?

The ANT is roaring , but HOW LONG do Cyclists have to wait for the INEVITABLE ? It is an International Epidemic that CYCLING is suffering !


LACK of International ACTION !


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