Thursday, October 13, 2011

TOUR de FRANCE 2012 ? leak or what ?

A.S.O. has had a “ leak ” of the official version of the 2012 TDF ?

Not likely that what “ Podium Café ” has reported will be 100% correct but I am sure that some of the rumours are likely to be true !

2012 Etapes ?

2011 route in photo , but sidebar shows 2012 details

Some of the comments to “ Podium Café’s ” announcement report :

If this is true
Some ASO employee will have had a very bad day at the office. L’ouch!
Me like bike, no?

me thinks it's a bad day out of an office after this one.
OR they released this to hear if it will float and the real course will be announced and be a doozy.

I'm sure this will be the course...I saw rumors of ASO wanting to show off the medium mountains next year
so they won’t be doing insane Giro amounts of climbing…though I’d love to see them get some tough finishes for flatter days

what ASO needs to do,
in my arrogant DDIFP-opinion
is to figure out a way to make the GC guys race the middle climbs and not just the last one.
The Alps rocked this year cuz of that.

mountain top bonifications, perhaps?

and shorter stages

Alpe d’Huez was the best day of Grand Tour racing this year.

Should I find myself in Europe next July the ITT in Chartres will allow me to get to Paris to see the finish on the “ Champs Elysee ” ! This year I finished in the Alps since a return trip to Paris to watch the jostling on the Sunday had no appeal .

OF Course this “ LEAK ” could be deliberate as “ Giro d’Italia 2012 ” is also available !

OOPS ! Go to

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