Monday, May 21, 2012

Bo Hamburger

what a delight it was to arrive on the " Pic " some 10 km before Montecatini Terme and hear my name called .
Looked around to see who it was and saw Bo sitting with 3 friends awaiting the arrival of the Peloton that were enroute and expected in the next 30 minutes or so . There was more than sufficient time to exchange news of the past 8 years since we rode a rest day together in compant with FReddy Rodriguez and Gerhard Trampusch when they were racing with Team Aqua Sapone !

Whilst in Denmark i was continually on the lookout for Bo and asking others for news of his whereabouts since i felt sure he would be in the vicinity .in fact i not only came across Rasmussen of the TDF fame but rode the ITT Course with him for a while until he stopped to chat with some friends and as it was sop cold i kept going . Currently Rasmus is racing with the Christina Watches Team who are based in the Herning Area of Denmark .

After the race had passed Bo and his friends headed off to the pub to see the finish on the TV but i continued on into Montecatini where i greeted Ferrari amongst others at the finish . He was moving from one round of interviews to another and i asked him what Cavendish had to say on this occasion since they arrived over the finish line with Mark taking third place on this finish . Got a lopsided grin but no comment on the subject as we shook hands . Later i also greeted Rodriguez as he moved through from Doping Control to further interviews .

Whilst washing my bike at the Liquigas Hotel , Saul was kind enough to introduce me to his Brother and Wife , one of the benefits of the Giro landing near their home .

With time up my sleeve i decided to do some trawling around the district and found Bo's new abode in the wilderness , far from the madding crowd . Definitely not a place to be found on a bike but the views from there were amazing and Casa Hamburger is very well appointed  .

Photos will be added when i find a computer that allows in the next week or so !

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