Thursday, February 23, 2012

CNF petitioning Obama ,!

Pres. Obama is a busy man with a lot on his plate currently and it will get busier over the next months as the USA gets ready to vote for the President they want from January 2013 !

There are some , who think the world revolves around their opinion , and that they are the " Ekite of the Elite "! These people can be found in the CyclingNews Forum , usually camped in the " Clinic " set of threads ! Some weeks ago there was an upset to their way of thinking and they have been buzy trying to right the " Apple Cart " ever since !

Some weeks ago one of these jesters decided to use a little known approach to right the grevious wrong done tham . It appears there is a mechanism that can be used to canvass the President to consider overturning some decision . This " Petition " requires 25000 signatures to get into the system BUT it appears that " all the walking the walk and talking the talk " is falling on deaf ears ! The thread where this " petition " can be found in the " Clinic " is " US Prosecuters..." . Last time someone mentioned it was to advise that there were around 140+ signed on ! there appeared to be some urgency to the matter , perhaps there is a time limit to the mechanism's life ?

Great things were expected when someone reported that G.Lemond , of an address that was considered his , was reported to have added their signature ! Well it appears that the " petition " is going to fail !

Saw recently that the " Elite of the Elite 2 are expecting that new contributors to this thread will read the 2400* comments before they voice an opinion . Let me tell you that i have read qite a bit of this thread and the only items worth a second glance were related in my blog post in " Tourdafarce " ! The rest seems to be a childish squabble between Dr Maserati and " A" who claims it is a newbie BUT behaves like it has an agenda !

Too many posters must have , in their opinion , untraceable IP addresses : If Birotte of Los Angeles , is appointed to the Federal Bench as a Judge , will his friends be exacting some revenge for the vilification pourer on him by these spoiled upstarts who think that they are in the right ?

Not interested in seeing people " Railroaded " , caused me to side with Armstrong , but , my views as regards proven , not suspected , " Dopers " ,remain the same , severe punishment is their just deserts !

What will happen mid 2013 will be the subject of speculation , and i am not prepared to guess nor forecast who will have the knives out and for whom !

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