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After we suffered 566+ days of turmoil , for “ El Pistolero “ the travail begins again ! CAS has made an important declaration that neither party in the dispute offered !

CAS is saying we think you are both wrong about the cause of the adverse findings , BUT we think this “ contaminated supplement theory ” could have been the cause of the “ Clenbuterol ” in the doping test ! What are they Judge or “ Defence Lawyer ”? Whatever they choose to be , they have added controversy to the case !

Going back a little , closer to the start , we have a Spanish Politician , Zapatero , the then Prime Minister , facing an Election trying to garner the votes of Cycling Fans . He weighed in as the Prime Minister of Spain knowing that people listen to his opinion , by saying :

“ There is no Judicial reason to sanction Contador ”

Well the whole world got to hear about that , Spanish Cycling Fans would have been elated but he still failed at the polls ! Put in context , this remark was made after a One year ban was imposed by the Spanish Federation and to which Contador made objection by filing an appeal . One wonders what could have happened if Zapatero had stayed stumm ? Will Contador be happy to see that John Fahey , a Past Politician from Australia , who retired from the office of Premier of the biggest state in OZ , New South Wales , has stated that WADA , of which he is currently President were then left with no choice but to go to the CAS ?

On 8th February he stated in an article broadcast by Reuters :

"I can say with regard to the Contador decision, it was regrettable that, when the Spanish federation proposed a 12-month penalty, a senior politician made a statement to say that Contador was innocent,"

John Fahey went on to state some of his personal thoughts about this case and CAS :

" I have great respect for CAS, I worry about decisions of individual national federations where it comes to dealing with their own sportsmen and women who have tested positive, because clearly the temptation must be there to protect one of your own," he said.

"I don't know the alternative. I can't imagine that Spain would say to Italy, you deal with all Spanish positives and we'll deal with all Italians, I think hell will freeze over first.

"I can certainly understand where there must be a certain level of national element, particularly if it's a national hero."

Already there is a thread on Cyclingnews Forum regarding why Alberto should Appeal the CAS findings :

We have seen in recent days the withdrawal of the Grand Jury Investigation of Lance Armstrong in the USA , and that is creating it’s own set of problems for all concerned !

On a personal note , I can see that there is a case for outside intervention in the matter of National Level Athletes ! Top tier athletes gain International attention and thus huge international fan bases , this causes polarisation when any thing crops up that attacks their credibility ! Imagine the furore that would arise if any one questions “ Bolt’s ” running records , Thorpe’s swimming records , Redgrave’s rowing records ?

Perhaps the solution is to have sub committees of the International Federations sit IN A TIMELY MANNER and judge each case on it’s merits ! In this day of the internet and “ Tele conferencing “ the paperwork and personal visual contact is albeit instantaneous ! Oh , I forgot , the Lawyers would want a piece of the action since they are in the business of making money out of others misfortune !

How many “ Doping Matters ” could have been settled with the same results if the Lawyers had not been involved ? My guess 95% , perhaps some would then still go to CAS , then Lawyers could be necessary ?

Meanwhile there are matters to finalise for Alberto , in that there is a request from UCI of $2.45M penalty although others have suggested he is liable for upwards of $12M in damages ! Another consideration is his continuing employment by Saxo Bank Team ?

Due to the CAS determination Saxo Bank Team lose ALL his “ Pro Tour Points ” from the point that CAS decided was the suspension point AND it seems he will have to ride for two years before he gains any further points to help the Team that chooses to employ him after the current ruling expires in August 2012 !

Alberto had a press interview this week and stated :

"I can't understand the final verdict," said Contador. "I've gone through everything, spent hours going over things. If there's anything I can do to prove my innocence I'll do it. There are many things that I cannot understand about this decision but for the moment I want to keep them to myself. I'm not an expert."

My personal attitude to “Doping ” is well known to all , it is SPORTING FRAUD :

I would like to see the following sanctions applied in ALL sports with International Uniformity :

Minimum of four years suspension from their chosen Sport

Locked in the family house with an ankle bracelet for a period decided by the presiding sports court , thus saving the community the expense of detaining them in Prison ! Sporting Fraud is a crime and deserves to be treated in the same way as Theft or burglary !

Loss of employment in any type of Sports Activity whether it is in Media , Travel , Coaching or Competition in other Sports !

Sanctions against All personnel working with the Athlete including Trainers , Masseurs and Team personnel impacting on their ability to cheat their employers and the Public !

Harsh penalties need to be applied to ALL TOP TIER Sports Athletes so that those choosing this career path will know that they are NOT to take the EASY OPTIONS offered by others ! There are those that attach themselves to an aspiring athlete and see it as a way to improve their personal circumstances and thus EVEN conspire against their protégé , so as to get recognition earlier than would be the case if the athlete followed his normal progression in their chosen sport !

Personally I have met Alberto many times and ridden on rest days with his teams and am in doubt as to what has actually taken place ! Will he turn out like those shams , Flandis , Crapp and Shamilton or will scientific investigation and further judicial proceedings eventually prove that it was a “ NO fault situation ” ?

This matter is nowhere near conclusion !

On a lighter note , I found this item in relation to the benefits of the UCI Bio Passport :

Originally Posted by T_S_A_R
the biopassport was presented as a way to build cases against dopers.

Dear TSAR,

We finally captured the last doper and banned him. His name is Floyd Landis. All is well now. But thanks for asking.

- Pat McQuaid
UCI el-Presidente

The wag that wrote this comment has the Avatar shown !

Seems that More cans of worms have spilled as a result of the CAS decision :

Saxo Bank Team’s status ?

Points system in relation to Cycling Athletes’ Suspensions ?

Conspiracy theories about the timing of the release of information about the Conclusion of the Lance Armstrong Grand Jury and the release of the Contador Case findings ?


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