Thursday, December 27, 2012

World Bike Relief at Le TOUR !

Yellow Bikes at Corsica is an Achievable Objective ! It requires commitment by a few " Committed People " representing some " Charitable organisations " but the scale of publicity would be immense . !5 years of turning up on my " Tod " , has been reported back to me by people from a variety of Nations . If i am getting a result from " same old , same old " , can you imagine the results to be garnered by a New Story peppered with interesting characters ?

What i think could be done is one thing , what will eventuate is another ! During the past month i contacted by email a person associated with " WBR ", an address from her comment to " " ! In that email i suggested that a " Pink WBR bike " could be built , so as to be available for use at the " GIRO d'Italia  " in May , however , it remains unanswered , too hard to decide what to do ? Each year at the Giro , i ride with " Moser , Motta , Fondriest , Bettini ( not so often this past year ) and with the Racers ! Can you imagine the interest these Guys displayed when i was riding my " Reef Monocoque Time Trial bike "? Some even commented on the " Black Specialised " , used again in Italy as a backup to the " Il Giro ( pink bike ) "!

What i had proposed was , that several " Pink WBR Bikes " , similar to those sent to Africa , be made available at the Giro , one i would ride daily , others be available for " Publicity Purposes " , photos of Moser , etc , in " Gazetta Dello Sport " appearing daily , would open new " Donation Opportunities " WORLDWIDE ! In addition i thought that there could be readers of " " willing to invest time and effort to either BUY a pink bike to ride at the Giro or Take the time to RENT a WBR Bike , for the day at the start or finish of an Etappe . Fatty has recently proposed , to ride one of these WBR Bikes , at a " Fund Raiser " in the USA next year . Seems there are others willing to join him in this endeavour , question is , will these bikes be " Bog Standard " , or will there be some tricking out of them to create a " publicity situation "?

With a successful launch of the " Pink WBR Bike " , it would be very easy to get some " Yellow Bikes " to Corsica . This year's " Le Tour " is the 100th Edition , thus the Media will be Hungry for ANY New Story , and what better way to grab attention by having a team of WBR Bikes ridden for the " FIRST TIME " by people associated with " Paralympic Sport "? There are in the UK , people associated with " Help4Heroes " that attend the " Le Tour " . There are i am sure , people associated with " Wounded Warrior Project " that make the visit to France each year . This year , in the past months ,  i discovered " SoldierON " from Australia and i am sure that there are Aussies , who would do their best to join the ranks and Finally there is a French Charity Associated with the French Armed Forces that those working with the Gendarmerie would want to see represented .

Yorkshire having won the 2014 Grand Depart of Le Tour will be represented at the 2013 Le Tour . Could be interested in seeing their " Shirts " worn by a Team going the distant , perhaps they might have Vehicles available to be " Dressed for the Publicity "? I am going to talk to a variety of " Sporting Interests " that enjoy being involved with the various tours , about what resources they would be willing to commit .

Funding for this enterprise will require a " Chip In site " where people can make Donations . This will be done when there is a " Major Charitable Body " to control the receipts , for Accounting Purposes ! The main purpose of this " Chip In ",  is the Taxable Benefit to the " benefactors "!


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