Tuesday, January 8, 2013


Drumrolls , fanfares and Oprah reveals she has captured the " Lance Controversy " , next week ! With only 2.4million viewers ther Oprah Show needs all the help it can find ?

One of the comments i found on CNF clinic , that sums up this situation ! 

  "  Uh, not quite. She couldn't disembowel a chicken.

It's all about the $$$. Eff'n wh0res, both of them. They're going to milk this for all it's worth. After all, this world is full of dumbsh!ts that will literally buy every thing O peddles.

Un.Friggin.Believable. "

The Sky Breakfast Show Host , Eamonn Holmes , said the same in a more polite way !

more will follow when i get back after lunch ! Another day that i can cycle to an appointment , 4th day of an extraordinarily warm winter !

As Lance's advisors , had predicted , the Media has gone viral . Most Major News Networks on Tuesday were giving more than enough time to speculation about what would be revealed .  Even before Oprah made her announcement , Juliet Macur on Friday with her piece in the New York Times had generated huge Media interest , some of the items , i visited are below :















This was my comment to " Huff " and was the basis of others :

” ARMSTRONG ! There is a name to conjure with . One walks on the moon , Another is a woman that retired , then came BACK and won the Women’s Olympic Cycling TT Gold Medal and of course there is the man , that tired of defending his ” Drug Free Reputation “!

Juliet Moncur thinks that ” April Fools Day ” has been moved to January , at least by claiming anonymous sources , she reveals to the Cycling World , the unbelievable concoction of speculation .

Grahan Watson rated a tweet from Lance for his recent blog item : http://www.grahamwatson.com/view/viewmain.html

Had this article , been the subject of Moncur’s article , then the Cycling World may not have shown as much interest, and repeated the article ? Perhaps , she is taking lessons from Sally , you know the one who co authored those Lance books .

CNN has since received an email from Armstrong’s Lawyer : 


Last year , when the Grand Jury was closed down , i stated that it would reappear in April/May when the ” Presidential Honeymoon Period had elapsed . Seems like the Fat Lady is being sent back into retirement .

Until those , that created the environment that set up the Business Structure that allowed Lance to think that ” Doping/PED Products ” were the way forward , are brought to Justice , there will be NO CLOSURE !

Other Sports are being Tainted by Business Interests , using the tactics of ” Don King / Boxing ” and this Cycling Model practiced by those ” Clean Cut Ole Boys from the Good ole USA “!

WADA chief John Fahey , last year , admitted that his Agency was struggling to cope with the depth of the Doping Problem . I should like to see a more Current ” Donatti Report ” than the info from 2006 .

Was that ” Report ” the reason , ALL those ” Cyclists , admitting to USADA , their complicity , stopped using ” PED products “?

We live in exciting times ?

With Oprah's announcement , many more people joined the fray :


This item seems to suggest that Lance may choose to deflect any admission in a similar fashion ?

Jaimie Fuller , founder of CCN , has the following to add :


One of the bloggers that i regularly follow has this to say  :


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