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Jacques Rogge , ACT !

Today Lance was stripped of his Bronze Medal from the 2000 Sydney Olympic Road Race Time Trial !  With the USADA Reasoned Decision Report in 2012 , this comes as no surprise . Question now , is the IOC going to pass to the 4th placed Athlete , as would normally be required ?  Problem here , though , Abraham Olana was an Athlete with "question Marks ". With a proven connection to Dr Ferrari , known for giving " training  advice ( Doping in particular ?)" , 
are we not moving the medal from one cheat to another ? Following Olano at nominal 5th was Laurent Jalabert , who appears to be free of the taint of " Doping "!

With this being a separate aspect of Lance's Troubles , and the implications for the IOC in awarding the Medal to another Racer , i thought it worth creating a different thread from those already existing .

CYCLING NEWS FORUM " clinic " Thread stream :

  "  LANCE , Bronzed OFF !

Whilst he awaits the Public response to his efforts with Oprah , IOC has decided he should be struck from their records !

Laughably the fourth place in 2000 , has a " Doping question mark ALSO ! Olano , that Spaniard , now stands ready to pick up a Minor Medal .

Before IOC , rewards Olano , may i suggest they follow the ASO example of " Vacating that year's ITT Results ? Perhaps even the Road Race also ? Of course it may not be " politically acceptable since VINO won in London ! "

RESULT was this prompt reply  :

We have enough LA threads, put it in one of them.

I dream of a better world, where chickens can cross the road without having their motives questioned.

Guess you don't argue with the Umpire !

Here is a link to the Google Website detailing the various Olympic Road Race results .

Another Item of Interest came to my attention today that causes the Men's  ITT of  Olympic 2000 Sydney Results  to be questioned  :
Tweet by INRNG :
The United States, on behalf of Floyd Landis, alleges...   PHOTO

Note the name " Ekimov "! " Eki " was 2nd in Athens but replaces Shamilton , who was stripped of the Gold Medal when he confessed to the USADA  of PED usage whilst with the Lance Teams . Question is what IOC will do about The 2000 Gold Medal also , now that there is confirmation of questionable  behaviour on Ekimov's part  ? 

Im addition to the Medal Problems , brought about , through the lax /maladministration of the UCI Management , there are questions about " Monies " being passed to the UCI , over a period of time . I have read of reports of Lance , passing money to the UCI , to invest in " Doping Detection Equipment "!
Sums of $100000 and $25000 , have been mentioned .  There have been confirmation reports by both phat and heinous and statements of regret by them for getting involved in these matters .

Separately there have been " Undocumented  reports "  that " Nike " has made payments in relation to matters concerning " Lance's difficulties . Surfacing today was this article that demonstrates a connection between an Investment Bank and Verbruggen :

The person of Tom Weisel has been heavily invested in Cycling Teams and their mansagement since the mid 1980's , according to articles that i have read . Another person known as " Och " , has been on the scene for about the same period of time , both as a Racer in the mid 80's and recently in Team Management with BMC , the Road Racing Team of Cadel Evans !

Tom Weisel has been reported to have views on " Doping "!

  "  In a 2008 interview with the Journal, Weisel said of doping in the sport of cycling: "Handle the problem below the surface and keep the image of the sport clean. In the U.S. sports—baseball, basketball, football—most fans couldn't care less."

Speculation over the years as to the connections that exist between Armstrong , Weisel , Ochowicz , phat & heinous has resulted in a variety of comments in a great many Cycling forum . the following comment is typical of them :

  "  Verbruggen transfusing money into hedge funds run by Ochowicz and managed by Weisel.

Armstrong investing in a gold mine owned by Paul Sherwin.

No wonder no one was going to test positive. "

With ALL these different strands of Wrongdoing , one wonders what the " IOC " is doing ? So many " Scandals " over the years connected to the " IOC ", have surfaced , that it is little wonder that phat & heinous , have not been " dumped " from their " UCI " management posts ?

For my part , as a private citizen , i find it hard to accept that the Aigle tag team , are allowed to drag down the Cycling Sport , whilst they are receiving a Salary , paid from the Racing Fees of the UCI Members .

Letter to Jacques Rogge   via @iocmedia
Attn Jacques Rogge : Chairman IOC 


Today the IOC stripped Lance Armstrong of the 2000 Sydney Time Trial Cycling Bronze Medal . With the USADA Reasoned Decision Report , there was enough evidence , to justify this action . Currently i have heard no report about this medal being reassigned . With the fact , that , Abraham Olano being a client of the notorious " Dr Ferrari ", it is doubtful that he would be worthy of consideration . 

Today a blogger responding to the title @inrng , posted a photo , of an extract of the " Whistleblower Action " that the US Government has joined in relation to recovery of " US Postal Monies "! This extract details the name " Ekimov " amongst the team members involved in that event . This tweet is the source of the extract :
The United States, on behalf of Floyd Landis, alleges...   PHOTO

Another Newspaper report , surfaced today , that you should be made aware .

 This report concerns the connection between Hein Verbruggen and Thomas Weisel , an Investment Banker . Over the past Year there have been reports confirmed by UCI Management , of various monies being received , from Interests associated with Lance Armstrong . No doubt you are aware of various sums of money connected with Sponsors of Armstrong , even speculation of as much as $1/2 Million , changing hands because of " Doping " issues .

Yesterday , as you no doubt are aware , the " Independent Commission " established by " UCI Management ",  issued a report , regarding difficulties they are encountering with UCI's intransience in respect of their need to  review  the initial " Terms of Reference " :

Since UCI are dependent on IOC for their existence , i feel sure that YOU will direct Pat Mc Quaid , IOC Member , and Hein Verbruggen , IOC Member , not to continue causing the UCI to be brought into disrepute by their continuing " Disruptive Behaviours "!

When you step down from the Chair of the IOC , later this Year , it would be very well received by Cycling Fans and others associated with the UCI activities , if you find some way to terminate their involvement with Cycling Sport ! This is one LEGACY that would be truly appreciated by Followers of Sport ,  in the future  years .


Skippy Mc Carthy 

Copies to :@IOCMedia , @DavidWalshST , @Paulkmmage , @steephillTV , @ATLbike ,

Trawling through a variety of Cycling and Business Forums , i turned up the following remarks :

  "  This one part of the article should be enough to toast Hein;

In a 2008 interview with the Journal, Verbruggen said he had never been involved in a business relationship with Ochowicz and Weisel.

Hein becoming toxic and the IOC really hates it when people start asking questions that are backed up with facts."

  "  i would think his monthly account statements would show he benefited greatly from hot stock IPO's that weisels firms underwrote. these shares are typically handed to "prized" clients as a thank you on Wall Street."

  "   When the Weasel bankrolled an attempt to get the Summer Olympics in San Fransisco, he probably thought that he had the IOC votes in the bank. Literally."

  "  Nope. This is the IOC. Money talks and Hein makes the IOC good money. Being directly involved in corruption and managing it well is the halmark of a senior Olympic official. Hein got SportAccord off the ground too."

  "  If the scandalous stories start to include the IOC, that's when things might end for Hein. Until then, it's all good. I post stuff about the IOC when I have spare time here: Go to the last page. An excellent summary of IOC members and their scandals is posted there."

  "  Good call. That Thom Wiesel is a smart guy. I hope they didn't exchange emails about it on the brokerage email account. Data retention laws might help catch this guy.

SEC and related agencies won't do anything about it from their side."

Most of these people must be breathing easier after Lance's silence last night ?

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