Wednesday, January 30, 2013

CYCLOCOSM Comment ! Rejected ?

Cyclocosm is a website i enjoy reading , their latest post provides an opportunity to vent on the current " Mish Mash " that pits All Stakeholders in the " Lance-gate Event " against each other .

Chose to Spoof " UCI " , that pack of fools , currently the domain of the aigle tag team duo !

My effort was entitled :

 " Cycle Racing , GONE BANANAS !"

The Insanity of Cycle Racing has never been more visible than these past 24hrs !

Lance's Confession has led the USADA & WADA , to be attacked by UCI , whilst Lance spoke to CyclingNews , denigrating their supposed efforts to help him ! Amongst the Documents that UCIIC sought , were proof of the UCI's conspiracy to assist Lance .During this period CCN , released documents demonstrating that UCI were attempting to prevent Cyclists from having their Bio Passports being investigated .

Suffice to say, that UCI's Negative reputation is no longer in doubt!
Having allowed Lance to return to Racing , before the mandatory 6 month Out of Competition period , they reduced the Bio Passport testing as evidenced in the following articles here :

That these documents were not passed to the UCIIC , is evidenced by the UCI terminating the " Independent Commission " , that they thought they had " Blindfolded and Handcuffed " , with a set of " Terms of Reference " that major witnesses such as WADA , USADA & Change Cycling Now , were not prepared to live with ! Confirmation of this , can be found in the Statement released by @tanni_GT :

Friday's Meeting of the " UCIIC " resulted in phat mc splat , instructing the QC & 6 Lawyers , to promise action over the weekend , including contact with the Head of WADA , John Fahey . This was borne out by the following articles where UCI tried to control matters by releasing their " edited version " :

John Fahey , behaved in a more respectful manner with the information released by WADA :

For my part , i would hope that come Friday , The UCI Executive Management Meeting , will result in the Delegates , deciding " ENOUGH is ENOUGH " , and dispensing with the services of the " Aigle tag team duo "!

Well folks , " Musical Chairs music , has just stopped , time to try and find a place until the next go round !

Cyclocosm's reply !

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