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  " Blood Passport " is supposedly the way to stop " Doping "? Whether it is or not , depends on the " Sports Scientists " developing the CORRECT PARAMETERS !  Currently there are so many reports surfacing that  there are rampant abuses of this protocol , that we , the Cycling Public , are left wondering what VALUE the money being spent on " Anti Doping " is to ANY Sport ?

Recently i started a Cycling News Clinic  Thread on a New Medical  Product that is in the process of being developed . It is reported that " GSK " are discussing their product with WADA ? Whether the Japanese Company , Astellas , follows , remains to be reported . The article link :

Astellas, GSK vie to make "high altitude" anemia pill

The link to the thread :

Will there be those who will utilise this New Product , to ATTEMPT to defeat " Anti Doping Authorities "?


Meanwhile the following items caught my attention . Seems there are some out there , even writing Anonymously that have identified " Damage " to their Health !

Here are a couple of excerpts :

  "  When I see cyclists like Danielson, Leipheimer, Hincapie, and others who said they doped with EPO and stopped it at some time, and continued to ride as pro racers, I am quite surprised that many people either

a) believe them they stopped taking EPO or
b) believe they go on with EPO, but

everyone just tries to make himself a picture of the whole thing under ethical aspects: "Are there serious regrets by the rider, has he found back to a honest attitude towards cycling and therefore became clean again?".

Then, there are people with opinion

c) who think haven taken EPO in 2005 just helps you to ride faster in 2013.

I, from personal experience with PEDs/hormones years ago (see my posts in hypothyreodism thread), miss a much more important question, which is hardly ever raised; I´ll mention it as a claim, and I would not write it down if I wasn´t serious and really sure about it:

d) A healthy person who once in his life injects hormones (being healthy!), and stops taking this hormones, isn´t that healthy afterwards as he was before, and will never be again!
He gets from 0 to 5 during the period of misuse, and after finishing this period, slowly gets down to 0 again, then falls to -3, then the body reacts, tries to reach the starting level again, and reaches -1, with which the person now has to go on living.

The more hormones this healthy person injected/misused, and the longer the periods of misuse were, the bigger is the damage to the endocrinologic system concerning the special hormone. There is a thyroid system, a testosterone system, a cortisol system, a GH system, a "blood cell producing" system, to name some important and doping relevant endocrine hormone system within the body. Damaging one of these systems can ONLY be treated by life long continued injecting of the hormone that was misused, if you want to regain the "0" level I mentioned before.

So, finally, every Danielson or whoever has (he admitted it) damaged one (here: red blood cell) system, and has a (more or less seriously) damaged system now, for the rest of his life.

The results to expect from someone like that are weaker or (at the maximum) (almost) equal to the results he showed before the first hormone injection."

  "  Can you comment on the mental aspect of when you stopped PEDs and resumed to your normal (or even sub normal) self? Was that difficult to take at first? "

  " I first have to say that I doped just to improve optical shape and having the physique for photo shoots and appearances, just like bodybuilders do. I didn´t have a 100.000 EUR per year paycheck motivation.

But, yes, it´s mostly mentally disturbing afterwards, for different reasons:

- You feel sh*t, caused by the pure lack of hormone (weak, tired, powerless)
- You feel sh*t because you loved the shape you had when being on high hormone levels, and had to say goodbye to this shape
- You feel sh*t because you can never know exactly how your endocrine systems will recover, and how the mid- and long term endocrine levels will look like
- You feel sh*t because from now on, you need replacement therapy just to get to your natural base level, you have to be honest about the issue towards your treating doctor, have to admit having misused hormones, and know that hormone replacement will be part of all your future life, you´ll dependent on prescriptions several times a year, blood checks and all this stuff
- You feel sh*t because you´re not willing to consider yourself as suffering now from a chronic hormone desease, but officialy, you are

Nevertheless, no regrets. I would regret it if I had taken heroine or other illegal drugs once in my life.
Taking thyroid hormone, which isn´t illegal in Germany, I don´t regret, though I made the experience above.
It´s hardcore, but no reason to become hypocrite and say "It´s all great, there are no dark sides about it."

BTW: Jan Ullrich also used T3 and T4, which I learned later. Ulle knew what works ;-) And certainly also his his replacement therapy now, every morning, for several hormones. But be sure, he´ll never speak about that...

THERE are many more " Retired Racers " out there , WHO , could contribute their views on this subject ! As stated in the previous Post " Junior Racers " need to be aware of where their " Unwitting Actions " will lead !

WHILST the Boston Marathon Event was disrupted this week , and the perpetrators seem to have been removed from public , WHO , in their right mind , will believe that this is not the first of many " COPYCAT Incidents "?

It took a member of the Public to sight BLOOD on his property and alert the Policing Authorities , to
capture the remaining KNOWN Suspect . Had the Policing Authorities been on these grounds , is the question that requiries answering ?

Could it be that the " Manhunt " was not as thorough and systematic as first reported ?

With the London Marathon and the Hamburg Marathon taking place this weekend , WHAT are the ramifications ? What ADDITIONAL Protective Measures will be implemented by the Event Organisers ?

My concerns already centre on the Giro d 'Italia , which is a WORLD RENOWNED Event , that i will be attending  , in May . The Giro del Trentino departures and Arrival areas , did not seem to be as populous as previous years , could be that with Eurosport and RAI TV being involved for only the second year , some people decided that watching from the home was more comfortable ?

Would Those that Attend the Grand Tours be aware that there are Criminals operating in their vicinity ? At London Olympics , bikes were parked and when the owners returned , they found components stripped , wheels , STI Levers , etc . At " Le Tour " bikes get taken , people even " Upgrade " , by leaving their wreck and riding off on a " Top of the Line Carbon Model "!  Baggage is left in a variety of places , people , put their bag down by the barriers , to reserve " their standing point ". Who is to say they will return ?

Good natured banter amongst " Strangers " could NOW become overlayered with an " Air of Suspicion " ? I would think that where before , someone who asked for their neighbour to watch their bag whilst they go for a " drink , beer , sandwich " , will be told , " NO , take it with you "!

This is an area where there will be concern regarding " Personal Safety "!

Many times i have warned people to put their bikes in front of them , rather than leaving it behind , hoping it is SAFE , as it is nearby  . Now there are going to be suspicions if people walk away from their bags ! I recall standing in Sydney Airport , with People waiting for departure . Bags on the ground , essentially within view of the group , and yet a guy snatched a Handbag . Running through a busy Concourse , down escallators resulted in the bag , containing Passport , etc , being jettisoned . One of us captured the Bag and the other raised enough noise the theif was caught a further 100m down the building . No Passport , no flight, luckily , the outcome was good for ALL travellers !

Here is an area that the Authorities can relax :

VIGILENCE during the days of the IRA Threat , was the Watchword , Policing Authorities preached .

NOW it will be a required " State of Mind " for those in furure " High Profile Events "!

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