Friday, May 24, 2013

Di Luca ! It's a CONSPIRACY !

As if phat the rat needed confirmation , that Cycling has a BRIGHT FUTURE ,

up pops that Italian Matinee Idol of Cycling , Danilo Di Luca ! Phat did not expect that when he gave CyclingNews an exclusive :

 on the 23rd May , that the next day , the Giro d'Italia Mountain stage would be cancelled and into the vacuum would drop the news that the Danilo was Headlining for the 3rd time ! This time the positive was for " EPO " !

Slow news day that it is , the warriors of the " Clinic " section , of Cycling News Forum , have been busy :

Some time back i came across quite an informative article on Di Luca , the author predicted that Danilo would feature during the year . How right he was you can judge for yourselves :

As if Danilo has not produced enough hilarity in Cycling Circles , the master of Tweets bobbed up with his take on this situation :

Lance found someone even he could pick on. Hilarious.

Lance Armstrong ‏@lancearmstrong

Knowing I have 0 cred on the doping issue - I still can't help but think, "really Di Luca? Are you that ****ing stupid??"

One of the countless comments i found during the day :

  "  Not sure this is the right thread for my opinion but pro road cycling is a side/freak show until a new governing body takes over and brings back credibility to the sport "!

Those managing the Team that Di Luca joined , days before the Giro , must now be ruing their decision ? The Organisers of the Giro will reflect on his 2007 win , no doubt convinced that he was using then and on his 2nd place in 2009 also , though this result was extinguished by the " CONSPIRACY " that saw him suspended for testing Positive during the event ?

Can't help wondering how the equipment suppliers must feel at this time , particularly Super Mario , since he rides on a Cipollini bike no less ?

Cycling is once again mired with controversy due to being led by a person that , although he draws a Salary as President to protect the Constitution of the UCI , chooses to bend UCI rules to his own benefit ! Little wonder those , that he is supposed to govern and lead , give the finger to the rules and go about circumventing the safeguards that are there to protect the Athletes' Health and Wellbeing !

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