Saturday, September 14, 2013

Le TOUR 2014 ! Inspired Guesses ?

Whilst the " Le Tour Grand Depart " from Yorkshire has been in  the public Domain for most of the past twelve months , there are those that are constantly seeking information about the remaining Etappes ! It is something that i have been aware of over the years , but  , i was surprised today to see that i am already a week behind one of the sites upon which i rely !

Plagerism is about the only way i can bring to you the efforts of those that have done the work . I rely on their efforts and thus this post will be a copy of the latest blog on 7th Sept 2013 , then updated on the 11th !

See next post ! REMOVED AS ORDERED by the owner

Before getting into the post , i should like to add a photo that refers to the Angliru Climb today :

Having seen Chris Horner , ROAR up the 22% grades , leaving Nibili in his wake , i can't help but think that the only way to the finish line for me would have been in this manner , to the right !

When i saw this photo , i was reminded of another over exuberant Racer , who never seemed to smile , certainly not as he rode on the climbs ! These days i doubt he has a lot to smile about and judging from Sheryl's comments on Piers Morgen Show of CNN he has become a memory she would prefer to ignore .

Whilst watching the Eurosport TV Coverage i was dismayed to see the OUTLANDISH STUPIDITY displayed by those that consider themselves fans of the Vuelta ! There were those who went to the trouble of dressing themselves , in a manner their friends would recognise , perhaps even encouraging the TV Camerapeople to record them . They then behaved , as if they wanted to cause the Racers to crash , rather than quietly applauding their efforts .

There was one guy , bare from the waist up , tremendous upperbody physique but was running like an elderly woman , what was between the ears ?  Time and again we saw people running with flags , really looking like they weren't sure for what  purpose ? Any of you at home that felt like they had to duck , when the flags or banners dropped over the camera , because the Motorcycle had driven through , with the camera showing the action behind ? In many cases , all the camera was recording was the following motorbike which was trying to squeeze through without touching the Idiot Bystanders , less interested in the action because they were attempting to amuse the camera & audience with their facial expressions and antics!

The Official standing in the red car finally decided to send some motorbikes through , far too long after they were needed ! Each year we are entertained by these " Antics " , yet , the Organisers continually ignore the possibility that either Race protagonists or spectators will be unlucky , get hit and bring the race to a stop ? It was indeed fortunate that both Horner & Nibali were able to avoid being tipped off their bikes . Judging by Chris's condition after the finish , how could he have got back on his bike on such a strong climb ? When i am in 27 on a 15%+ , i can hardly weave across a 4M wide road to get going again , let alone drive directly ahead . I train on 20% climbs regularly in my back yard here in the Inntal of the Tirol , there is even a 22% post for a 200m climb that i struggle over . One of my bikes won't go up 22% without skidding of the chain , can you imagine that on the Angliru ?

MORE CRAP FLIES as the contenders move into the final 14 days , before the Election in Firenze ! We all know of Brian Cookson's Blog :

What i had not seen until this week is another blog for phat the rat :

Another Blog i enjoy reading , has weighed in with some interesting insight to the current situation :

Along the way , i have been taking a look at the Twitter feed of the man that caused phat to lose the Irish Nomination :

and that of his compatriot :

My blog may well be worth a visit for those , not entirely sure of the state of play in the UCI Election .

Whilst searching for another site i follow authored by Charles Pelkey , i came across one of his latest exploits as a Lawyer :

As promised the plagerism , if you want to read the considerable number of comments follow this link :

TWAT ordered removal , couldn't be bothered to give him the finger !

doesn't he have better things to do ?

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