Thursday, September 26, 2013


ARTICLE Wasn't worth repeating anyway !

Subject:  Illegal copy of content - Cease and desist notice
Date:  Wed 09/25/13 11:10 AM
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I would like to ask you to remove the copy of my article you published at

Indeed, these contents and the image of the map at the end of the post represent an infringement on my copyright as stated at http://www.velo
Please consider this request as a cease and desist notice within a reasonable delay, that is before 26 September 9.00PM.

Please confirm me by e-mail the copy of the contents has been removed. If I don't get a confirmation in time, I might consider any further issues, including legal action.
Sorry for this "administrative" approach but I must protect my content since apparently the time and money I invest in this article and all other contents published on velo is not considered as it should be. Copyright applies globally and it is not because something is published on the Internet that it is freely available for copying or any other ways of duplication.
If you'd read the article you should have noticed that I insisted on this in the article itself.

Thanks in advance for your prompt reply,
Best regards,

Thomas Vergouwen
velo / +

Not worth the kb to reply ! Certainly not worth a phone call !

Spent my time on this :

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