Wednesday, October 23, 2013

2014 Le Tour Announced !

Le Tour once again claims the attention of the Cycling Community ! 20 years after appearing in the South of England , Le tour will have a " Grand Depart " in Yorkshire . With 2 etappes in the Dales ,
the racers will move to the flatlands for the 3rd Depart being from Cambridge . Whilst the Racers will have only 3 days of racing in the UK , many of them will arrive on the Tuesday prior to the Grand Depart , so as to complete the formalities required before the Competition .

Continental travels will commence in Le Tourquet as the 4th Etappe will race to Lille . Following the "Clockwise direction " , racers will visit many World War 1 areas as they race across the cobbles in those areas that feature in the Spring Classics . . After 10 Etappes they will arrive at Besancon for the Rest Day , then continue through the Voges and Alpes . Two days of Mountain Top Finishes , without  L'Alpe D'Huez and the Gallibier , then on across the south to Carcassonne for another Rest Day , before heading into the Pyrennes for Pla D'Adet and Hautacam finishes .

Seems that Time Trial Skills , will be a redundant skill on this Le Tour , since it is only on Stage 20 and for only 54km , that those like Tony Martin and Fabian Cancellara get to stretch their legs .

With only 3 MTF to entertain the Le Tour Tifosi , there will be a sharp contrast with previous Editions of Le Tour . Could this mean that " New Stars " will be discovered ? Could this Edition , be the first time that "Racers " will have NO EXCUSES for seeking PED assistance for their efforts ?

WHEN are we the public , going to be told of those that were discovered on the 2013 Le Tour ? phat the rat had reasons for hiding PED users before the 100th Edition , but the Election has come and GONE ! For 100 years , most if not ALL Editions had Racers that sought recognition by way of " Chancing their LUCK" but since arrival in Paris , ALL Parties have taken the OATH of OMERTA , in respect of what the " Anti Doping Teams " , discovered !

DAILY ETAPPES : 5th July to 27th July

  5/  Stage 1: Leeds                                          Harrogate
  6/  Stage 2: York                                            Sheffield
  7/  Stage 3: Cambridge                                London
  8/  Stage 4: Le Touquet Paris-Plage      Lille
  9/  Stage 5: Ypres                                           Arenberg Porte du Hainaut

10/ Stage 6: Arras                                            Reims
11/ Stage 7: Epernay                                      Nancy
12/ Stage 8: Tomblaine                                 Gérardmer
13/ Stage 9: Gérardmer                                 Mulhouse
14/ Stage 10: Mulhouse                                 Planche des Belles Filles

15/                  Rest day in Besançon
16/ Stage 11: Besançon                                  Oyonnax
17/ Stage 12: Bourg-en-Bresse                    Saint-Etienne
18/ Stage 13: Saint-Etienne                          Chamrousse
19/ Stage 14: Grenoble                                   Risoul

20/ Stage 15: Tallard                                        Nîmes
 21/                        Rest day in Carcassonne
22/ Stage 16: Carcassonne                              Bagnères-de-Luchon
23/ Stage 17: Saint-Gaudens                          St-Lary-Soulan (Pla d’Adet)

24/ Stage 18: Pau                                                 Hautacam
25/ Stage 19: Maubourguet val d’Adour   Bergerac
26/ Stage 20: Bergerac                                      Périgueux (TT)
27/ Stage 21: Evry                                               Paris

Whilst many were thinking of the 2014 Le Tour presentation , the fight for Sydney and the surrounding country was fought by TRUE HEROES ! They came from all over ! Some were repaying the efforts by NSW Firefighters in past seasons , others were truly inspired by that quality most Aussies REVERE ! 


Whatever their Motives , as an aussie , i want to say THANKYOU ! When you Folk decide to visit the Le Tour , find me , i would like to BUY YOU A BEER !

It came as a surprise to see an Aussie , leave his day job , put in 14hrs on an evening shift , then go back to work ! Good one Tony !  Wish that your job as Prime Minister of Oz , did not include you being able to contradict the UN Efforts in " Global Warming "!

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