Friday, June 22, 2012

2012 Tour de France

Whilst most countries are busy with National Championships , " ASO " are busy putting the finishing touches to this Edition of " Le Tour "!

Well they are doing all they " humanly " can , with the expectation , that some " prat " will turn up at the start in Liege , and expect to be allowed to compete ! Not only will those individuals let themselves down , but they will provide " fodder " for the Media who will enjoy trumpeting worldwide " Another Doping Scandal  in Cycling "! As regards their  helpers , family and friends , most will already be aware that they have been walking a very " dodgy " path for some time . UCI 's " blood Passport " is reputedly working in most cases , but suspicions do not always lead to positive action , since most Athletes are still given the benefit of the doubt ! Innocent until proved Guilty !

Guaranteed to provide " headlines " , when the Medics decide that " there are grounds" , for exclusion from this " Le Tour ", and that is what the " jackals of the media " need , to bump up their earnings and justify their existence  . So many " journos "arriving in Liege will be desperate to make their name at the expense of this Sport .  Already " forums " are full of speculation about who will be the first " discoveries "! For the most part they appear to favor the Southern Continentals from Spain and Italy but then Team Astana is also mentioned .

How sad that the Olympic and WADA Authorities are unable to " bite the bullet " and announce immediately a " Moratorium " FOR ALL SPORTS ATHLETES !  By doing this the ensure that ONCE AND FOR ALL  Any Athletes with " Skeletons in the Closet " can clear themselves PROVIDED that they disclose EVERYTHING by the due date !

To ensure that this " Moratorium " is effective they must Institute " LIFETIME BANS FROM ANY SPORTING ACTIVITY " not only for the Athletes concerned but for their " Helpers "also ! This would include Coaches , Seigneurs and Family ! We have already seen cases of Athletes receiving Bans , and family members also being included .

With the world being a " global Village " due to the Internet , it is time that " banning " those " Convicted and Sanctioned " from participating in " Forums " ! What does " Joe Public " gain from reading the utterances of the likes of " Joe Crapp "? Frankly it appalls me to see the standards that have stood the " test of Time " eroded to allow " Disgraced Athletes " to compete at the Olympics ! Those athletes grew up " Knowing " the reward for "Doping  violations " was disqualification from Olympic Participation and yet some " do gooder " comes along and says it contravenes their " Human Rights " ! Without naming names or taking sides , i can only repeat the mantra " YOU DO THE CRIME , you do the TIME "!

With this being my 15th visit to the Tour de France , to ride the Daily Routes , i would be so pleased to see a complete " Le Tour " WITHOUT the " taint " of " Sporting Fraud " , but as Night follows Day , i won't hold my breath !

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