Saturday, June 9, 2012


As usual i found you in a hurry from one appointment to another , last night , so i thankyou for the short time , that you gave me when we met ! It would be a pleasure to meet , also , those that you choose to convey on the daily etappes , but i guess you would not like me to voice my concerns for the " Sportive Adaptees" , or my desire that the " Le Tour " promote the " Cities fit for Cycling " Campaign which was intiated by the times of London .

AS i mentioned to you , i proposed to Angelo Z. at the Giro del Trentino's second etappe that the Giro d'Italia promote this worthwhile initiative Worldwide . As he no longer is the Giro's Director he declined to act . I recommended that he voice the subject to Mauro , but when i met him in Denmark he told me that it was " A Political matter "! Fact is that another newspaper group ared promoting the campaign in Italy so " RCS " whilst selling newspapers and organising " Sporting Events " appear reluctant to HELP CYLISTS worldwide , since this does not sell newspapers in ITALY !

Could we agree that the cyclist hit by the errant dricer will suffer the same pain and injuries regardless of which newspaper campaigns for their safety !

Attached is my letter to your President , but i doubt he will be able to do a great deal in the limited time before the GRAND DEPART in Belgium , of this edition  of the " Le Tour "! You , the ASO can print stickers to place on the Racers bikes showing YOUR SUPPORT for this Important Safety Initiative !

When those of the Media see these " Stickers " they will do more than any successful Politician can do standing in their Parliaments .

France and the " Le Tour " stand at the forefront of the Cycling Industry so use your " Status " to ensure that ALL CYCLISTS will be able to ride their bikes in a SAFER Environment . Too many decline to use the bike as a form of transport since they fear Traffic and the way Drivers CHOOSE to behave towards " Vunerable Road Users " !

No doubt we will meet before arriving in Belgium !

Attached my emailed letter to your President  :

For the Personal Attention of :

M.Le President of the Republique of France ,Francois Hollande

Your Excellency ,

I should like to congratulate you on your Election to this office . As the leader of an important Nation such as France your voice will be heard and be heeded by other Nations in the World Forum !

During this past week i have been in various locations in the South East of France and seen the efforts to make the roads safer for Cyclists ! Indeed since my last visit to the 2011 Tour de France i see evidence that there is a desire on the part of the French Authorities to tackle the growing problem of Cyclist Safety . In so many parts of the world , the cyclist is viewed as `` Road Kill `‘ , an unfortunate set of statistics , that the Motoring Lobby would prefer overlooked !

The TOUR DE FRANCE is a world renowned event that is enjoyed BY ALL each year and would be the ideal venue to remind ALL ROAD USERS that there is a place on the roads for ALL USERS !

At the Arrivee in Rumilly last night , i had occasion to speak with Chris Prudhomme , Director of the " TDF " and the " Face and Voice of the TDF " for some years now after the retirement of Jean Marie Leblanc . I first met Chris whilst he was working with France TV and i know that he listened then to my views on Cycling and my efforts to assist „ " " Handisport " !

My suggestion to him last night , was that " The LeTour " publicise the Campaign started by the " Times Newspaper of london " which appears to be gaining Worldwide notice and endorsement "Cities fit for Cycling " !

This campaign was ignored at the „ Giro dÌtalia, since it is being promoted in Italy , by a rival Newspaper Group . Can you imagine that an errant motorist stricking a Cyclist , cares which " newspaper " the Cyclist chooses to read ?

Over the years i have seen too many people become victims of the " ME FIRST " generation ! In these harsh economic times so many French People and other Nationals are having to consider the Cycle as a means of transport , so as to balance their familly budget ! So many people are too frightened to get on a bike because of their fear of the traffic . Indeed during the Giro i met many who have given up Cycling because it has now become too hazardous , and their families rely on their income .

Victims of Cycling Tragedies come from all walks of life , The Surgeon Father of Cyclist , Tyler Farrar , the Founder of the Willier Cycles Company , Paul Crake an Australian Cycle Racer , Amy Gillett , an Olympic Rower turned Cycle Racer , not to forget Wouter Weylandt , who died in the 2011 Giro dÌtalia . So many day to day Commuters are struck down but do not get a mention since they are part of life`s everyday fabric .

BY YOUR INTERCESSION ´, The Organisation of the Tour de France , COULD bring the WORLD MEDIA’s attention to the plight of the everyday Cyclist , and ensure that the Governments of the World follow France’s efforts to ensure ALL Cyclists arrive home to their family each night !
Many Politicians mean well when they voice their concerns to their Constituents BUT it takes a World Leader to motivate them to act in Concert !

As a humble cyclist , i enjoy the hospitality that the french people of ALL persuasions offerme . I am known to trample on the feet of those who think that my few efforts on behalf of the " Sportive Adaptees " are not worthy of consideration . I know i would not succeed as a Politician but will continue to turn the pedals at the next " Le Tour " , which is my 15th Tour de France , riding each etappe in full day by day !

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