Wednesday, June 13, 2012

TRUTH according to TYGART

Bombshell dropped during this Tour de Suisse is going to distract ALL Media from preparations for the Tour de France 2012 ! Every year we have some circus or other , leading into this the biggest of the Grand Tours . Rarely do the other Grand Tours have distractions introduced as the Athletes wind up their preparations for the event .

In order of exposure to the media we have the following events :

Copied from , the following items :

  "  Armstrong responds

On his website on Wednesday, Armstrong issued a statement in response to the USADA letter and allegations.
"I have been notified that USADA, an organization largely funded by taxpayer dollars but governed only by self-written rules, intends to again dredge up discredited allegations dating back more than 16 years to prevent me from competing as a triathlete and try and strip me of the seven Tour de France victories I earned. These are the very same charges and the same witnesses that the Justice Department chose not to pursue after a two-year investigation. These charges are baseless, motivated by spite and advanced through testimony bought and paid for by promises of anonymity and immunity. Although USADA alleges a wide-ranging conspiracy extended over more than 16 years, I am the only athlete it has chosen to charge. USADA's malice, its methods, its star-chamber practices, and its decision to punish first and adjudicate later all are at odds with our ideals of fairness and fair play.
"I have never doped, and, unlike many of my accusers, I have competed as an endurance athlete for 25 years with no spike in performance, passed more than 500 drug tests and never failed one. That USADA ignores this fundamental distinction and charges me instead of the admitted dopers says far more about USADA, its lack of fairness and this vendetta than it does about my guilt or innocence."  "

The Media obviously then contacted the "UCI "for their assesment of the situation .

Following these relevations the " UCI " issued their statement on this subject :

  "   "This is the first time USADA has communicated to UCI on this subject," the sport's governing body said in a statement.
"The UCI is not aware of the information that is available to USADA on the persons concerned and has not been involved in the proceedings opened by USADA."  "

Finally the USADA joined the circus with the following statement :

  "  "In response to numerous inquiries regarding the public statements made by Mr. Lance Armstrong, we can confirm that written notice of allegations of anti-doping rule violations was sent yesterday to him and to five (5) additional individuals all formerly associated with the United States Postal Service (USPS) professional cycling team," the statement read.
"These individuals include three (3) team doctors and two (2) team officials. This formal notice letter is the first step in the multi-step legal process for alleged sport anti-doping rule violations."
USADA are clear that their investigation has yet to prove guilt and that all parties are considered innocent.
"Our duty on behalf of clean athletes and those that value the integrity of sport is to fairly and thoroughly evaluate all the evidence available and when there is credible evidence of doping, take action under the established rules," USADA added.  "

Talk about tossing fuel on a fire ! When i greeted Johan Bruyneel at yesterday's  Tour de Suisse arrivee in Gensingen , i said , in reference to the weather , " You must be feeling at home with this weather "!  Had to wait a few minutes for him to exit the car since he had been on the mobile phone about these new proceedings but he had a hearty chuckle regarding my comment .

Those interested in the copy of the letter that appears to have been leaked to the news , Wall Street Journal in particular , can see it below :

Well i am off to the Tour de Suisse , which would have been interesting today , since there are so many Racers , that are well placed on GC for the next days , BUT one wonders how many additional Media will arrive to talk to Johan Bruyneel and the Racers about " YOU GUESSED IT ! "

Friday is the Individual Time Trial , in Gossau , and it will be totally dominated by the " Feeding Frenzy " , that will grow as " everyman and his dog " in Europe try for an original angle on this story !

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