Thursday, July 7, 2011


Riding into Dinan today i passed another cyclist who was heading to the start and eased up when he hollered " skippy " . Turned out he was a " fatty follower " and had seen me numerous times over the years . He told me that he had read a " comment " that i had made a few days ago and " fatty's " reply naturally i took the time at the tourist office to check what he said whilst the caravan passed through the centre of town .

Having got to 2m from the finish line yesterday i started from 75 km out to try and find " georgethecyclist and gang" as i rode into town for the start . There is no point riding the whole route to Liseaux as i will then have to head south to Le Mans so i will have done a fair bit of the route without seeing the usual tourists outside their campers .

Arriving in Dinan i was forced by a Gendarme( at least 9 mths pregnant ) to take a detour descending from the bridge to the river and then trying to walk up the cobbles for 2km with a Kiwi travelling with his parents . Lucky for me i wear SIDI MTB shoes as i doubt that a cyclist with plates would enjoy walking in bare feet .

Dinan " old town " has some beautiful ancient buildings and would be a pleasure to visit but today trying to get around the barriers with the bike is a nightmare . people expect you to leave the bike at home as they walk into the start to LOOK AT BIKES ! Amazing attitude and the intolerance of some reminds me why i rarely visit a start .

Some cyclists lock their bikes in random spots and return to find parts missing . The answer of course is to have the bike in front of you at all times . Told some people the other day to lock their front wheels as they stood at the barrier and they told me to mind my own business as they could see their bikes from where they were !

Guess who i sa
PROFESSIONAL THIEVES TARGET THE TOUR D4E FRANCE so why should anyone be surprised when their computer , bidons & wheels go walkabout ? BE SAFE , Be sure to enjoy cycling by taking precautions with planning & preparation !

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