Wednesday, July 13, 2011

More for " Chris Prudhomme " !

Whilst you " swan around " the " 2011 TDF ", there are those out there on their bikes and with loaded panniers trying to find their way from start to finish of each etappe !

When i started riding the TDF route with the 1998 edition i just followed the signs a couple of hours in advance of the racers but this year it is necessary to be more than 5 hours in front of the racers because this is the time the "Gendarmes " are being posted in the "Interests of Security(safety?) ! This Policing organisation is being required to go against their " better nature " for no other reason than your Organisation , " ASO " thinks that making the ordinary cyclist invisible to the general public increases the prestige of the " Racers Efforts "!

RUBBISH ! This pathetic behaviour is souring the experience of those arriving with the " BIG ACCREDITED TOUR COMPANIES ! They pay big money to come to the TDF with their bike and then find that YOU & YOUR ORGANISATION don't want them to ride the Tour Route UNLESS THEY GET UP AT THE UNGODLY HOURS NEEDED TO BE CARTED TO THE COURSE BY THEIR TOUR OPERATOR ! Rather than increasing your revenues you are now "Advertising a stay away policy " !

As for myself , it costs me little to be here and just being here reminds people of " Handisport " which is the ONLY REASON i persist in putting up with the " pettiness" dished up by your minions ! Do you think i care about the "Turd brigade( your laughable security force) " or those wearing "dog collars" so that people can direct them back to the "reserved area " they have PAID BIG MONEY to inhabit ! Noticed that you even scan their "accreditation " going in & out of the village to make sure you get your monies worth !


Last night and this morning i found it al but impossible to find the route laid out in the " Guidebook " ! THE SIGNS had dissapeared or not been erected , not your fault you say ? WRONG ! Some signs are "screwed " to the attachment and with large "washers" can deter the thiefs from removing them by "twisting " them where anchored by wire ! Your erectors will take a little longer to complete their assignment BUT the signs will stay in place ! ANOTHER TRICK would be to apply a "date stamp" to the vrear of the sign so today's signs will have 13/07/11 on the rear and any caught with them before 1800hrs today will be clearly identified as " Thieves " and so you can "Prosecute" for lost revenue !

LOST REVENUE OVER THE PAST 11 DAYS HAS ALSO COME ABOUT THROUGH " Drapeau & Nougat vending " ! Read my blog for my attitude to that !

Don't care how much ASO misses out on BUT I DO CARE ABOUT THE VICTIMS !

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