Tuesday, July 12, 2011

RECAP on " Conned by Spivs "

Observed Gendarmerie detaining 2 " spivs(vermin)" on saturday evening on the outskirts of Issoire ! Seems like the others escaped on foot . When I arrived on the scene i saw these Gendarmes interviewing one but noticed the second coming out of a shop with his tray in a plastic bag and pointed him out so that the Gendarme was able to open the plastic bag and discover the tray !

Sunday i did not see any of these " spivs " but today i found them heading out of Carnoux in the northerly direction about 20 km from the finish of the day's etappe . Once again they were coercing a elderly couple who parted with 8 euros , i pretended to be phoning the Gendarmerie and the driveer gave me the finger and then the strong arm gesture and called his hawker who was wearing the " TDF " dog collar lanyard " and "phony pass" back to the car ! Incredibly the " Bumble Bee man " told these victims in french to NOT buy but they were intimidated and could not recover their money ! This happened on the incline from the narrow bridge about 8.26 am , which is probably a cat 4 climb on the TDF route ! Car reg no was BJ 871 SR and was a black Renault Megane 5 door S/wagon , a vehicle that these vermin tend to use .

Further along towards Carnaux i stopped a Gendarmerie vehicle and reported these details , that vehicle was ~~639 JJ and a 3 stripe in charge ! Took my report but did not ask for contact details in the event of detaining these miscreants . I also told them how to find the victim so that they had a provable incident but doubt that this registered or was necessary !

Good to see the Gendarmerie is acting but doubt it is down to my Blog postings . I am sending a link to these posts to the 2 star General of
Gendarmes so that he can compliment the officers for their actions .

AS in Doctor WHO !


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