Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Library Time on the TDF 2011

Cold wet and blustery here in Wintery Bretagne ! Stated out from north of PLouay to ride into Lorient with a promise of sun but after crossing 0km i soon saw what was in store for the day !

Seen always with a "fondriest jacket" around my waist even the last few days when close to the camping ground with temperatures in the high 30's and the result is i was well prepared for the drop in temperature today before the misty rain set in and became cold and uncomfortable .

Several hours of inclement weather after so many tours this year in sunny conditions has led to a stop in the library whilst i decide the best way to see out the day's action . Looks like the finish may be clearing and where to await the racers is now the question ?

Somewhat more hopeful than the photos published in the other blogs !

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